9 Male K-Pop Idols with the Most Contagious Laughs


Sometimes it's the joke that got us laughing. However, sometimes it's the laughter of the person beside us that got us cackling.

Shinee's Key, BTS's Jin, GOT7's Jackson   Credit: Imgur/Pinterest/Sporacle

Fans will know how little details of our idols get us excited and most of us (if not all, I'm sure!) can recognize your idol's laughter even without looking at the screen. 

Here are 9 male K-pop idols whose unique and contagious laughs will get you laughing along and lift your mood. Let's laugh the blues away!


1. Shinee's Key

Key laughs with his whole body and his unique laugh can send us into fits. 


2. BTS's Jin

Our "Worldwide Handsome" Jin is said to have a laugh like that of a windshield wiper. 

Can't relate? Here's one more video to help you hear the wiper in action.


3. EXO's Kai

Kai seems to have a habit of hitting people when he laughs. Stay away if you can!


4. Got7's Jackson

Jackson's hyena laugh.


5. Super Junior's Lee Teuk

Leader-nim has got one like a witch cackling!


6. BTOB's Changsub

And Changsub laughs like a maniac.


7. Shinee's Minho

Minho has a deep voice, but when he laughs, he goes one octave higher.


8. Super Junior's Heechul

The crazy one in the group also gave us the craziest laughs.


9. Infinite's Dongwoo

Can Dongwoo even breathe when he is laughing?


Do you know of any other K-pop idols with unique and contagious laughs? Do share with us in the comments!