Barbie® Celebrates Her 60th Anniversary with Singapore Flyer's Barbie® Flight and Her Signature Collectible and Career Dolls


Over 150 countries worldwide will come together to honour the global icon as Barbie® celebrates her 60th birthday. In Singapore, fans can look forward to the first-ever Barbie® Flight on the Singapore Flyer to the launch of Barbie®’s 60th Anniversary Signature Collectible and Career Dolls. 

Guests enjoying the ride in the Barbie® Flight at Singapore Flyer.

Inspiring girls since 1959, Barbie® was first created by Ruth Handler to give girls a role model to imagine their future selves. Over the years, Barbie® has evolved to a more relevant, modern reflection of the world girls see today. Today, Barbie® offers the most diverse and inclusive doll line in the world and have introduced over 100 new looks with more skin tones, hair colours and textures, eye colours, facial structures and body diversity to allow girls to find a doll that they can identify with.

On its 60th Anniversary this year, Barbie® celebrates its heritage with the campaign theme “You Can Be Anything” – a message to empower girls that they can be anything they imagine to be.


Empowering Girls through #MoreRoleModels

In Singapore, Barbie®’s 60th Anniversary celebration is timed to International Women’sDay, a global event that celebrates the achievements of women around the world, to create the biggest celebration of female role models who break boundaries, to inspire and empower the next generation of young girls on their pursuit of dreams, where they can be anything.

The Barbie® brand believes girls should never know a world, or a job, or a dream that women have not conquered. Globally, women remain underrepresented in various industries, especially in S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). With over 200 careers and counting, Barbie® represents an empowering role model to show and inspire girls that there are no jobs men do that women cannot handle.

(From left to right) Barbie’s #MoreRoleModels Nur Farina M J Ismail, Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer from Anytime Fitness, Genevieve Lee, 1st Runner-Up of MasterChef Singapore and Wei Yuan, Senior Biostatistician from Singapore Clinical Research Institute at the celebration of Barbie®’s 60th Anniversary.
Through Barbie®’s purpose to inspire the limitless potential in every girl, we want to highlight careers where women are underrepresented and spotlight on relevant female individuals who are breaking boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls. For the 60th Anniversary celebration, a group of #MoreRoleModels, who have taken the path less travelled, shared their story in the pursuit of their career. From culinary to sports and science, these role models remind young girls that they are empowered with choices and inspire them to be anything they want to be. They are Genevieve Lee, first runner-up of MasterChef Singapore, Nur Farina M J Ismail, a bodybuilder and personal trainer from Anytime Fitness and Senior Biostatistician Wei Yuan from Singapore Clinical Research Institute.


Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Collectible Doll and Career Dolls

The Barbie® 60th Anniversary Career Doll collection comprises of six careers including an astronaut, soccer player, firefighter, news anchor, pilot and political candidate. These dolls were amongst the Career Line from the beginning and have been chosen to re-establish the careers that are underrepresented by women.

Each doll features different eye colours, hairstyles, skin tones and body types and are dressed in outfits that correspond to each doll’s respective career. From 9 March, Barbie fans can get their hands on the collection of Barbie®’s 60th Anniversary Career Dolls, exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us for $24.99 per doll.

To commemorate her diamond anniversary, Barbie® launched the collectible Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll. She wears a cascading ball gown twinkling with silvery sparkles. Paying homage to the original Barbie® doll and her iconic fashion heritage, Barbie® 60th Anniversary Doll wears a dramatic ponytail with an elegant twist, side-eye glance, hoop earrings and wrist tag. The 60th Anniversary doll will only be available in Singapore Flyer Gifts, Level 3 from mid-March. Takashimaya, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kaboom (Changi Airport)will be retailing from June 2019 onwards, for $89.90, while the Barbie® Travel Range will be launched in June 2019.


Barbie® Inspire Dreams to take flight at the Singapore Flyer

In line with the launch of Barbie®’s Travel Range, iconic landmarks across five countries in Southeast Asia will light up in iconic pink from today. Leveraging on the theme of travel, these landmarks represent unique travel destinations where visitors are encouraged to embark on a journey of adventure and discovery to ignite their wildest imagination as they explore the city.

In Singapore, Barbie® has partnered with Singapore Flyer, Asia’s largest ObservationWheel, to transform a capsule into a thematic Barbie’s 60th Anniversary flight to celebrate the momentous occasion. From 9 March to 30 June 2019, locals and tourists alike can swing onboard the exclusively-decorated Barbie® Flight adorned with all things Barbie® while they admire the stunning view and city landscape of Singapore. What’s more! Keep your eyes peeled and watch as the skies glisten as Singapore Flyer lights up in an iconic shade of Barbie pink from 6.30pm daily till 21 March 2019.

Tickets can be purchased at the Singapore Flyer’s ticketing counter (Level 1) from 8 am to 10 pm daily or visit the booking portal at www.singaporeflyer.com/unique- experiences/. For Barbie® Flight timings, please refer to the website at www.singaporeflyer.com/promotions