Cosplay Attains Mainstream Status in IKEA Singapore’s Latest Online Campaign!


We’ve previously peeked into the living spaces of cosplayers and while their props and costumes certainly impressed us, some of their rooms were a little… distracting. Let’s just say, not all cosplayers are as good at organizing their rooms as they are skilled at roleplaying. 

“What has cosplaying got to do with organizing your bedroom?” you might ask. Theoretically, they’re two separate issues, but when the world’s largest furniture retailer IKEA steps into the picture, creating effective storage space in a room seems like something any and every cosplayer should be capable of. Check out the makeover of this Singaporean cosplayer’s bedroom! 

Cosplay may be a big deal in Japan, but in many other countries, the colorful subculture still remains as something unrecognized and unusual. The growing cosplay community in Singapore, however, might have started to blossom at long last, as the Swedish furniture retailing giant IKEA (Singapore) has chosen to zoom in on a local cosplayer’s living quarters in their online advertising campaign on YouTube. 

Even in Japan where cosplaying is sometimes used in commercials to add a little element of interest, cosplayers are seldom featured as the consumer group in advertising, much less coming from a major retailer such as IKEA. 

So, back on topic, what can IKEA provide for cosplayers? Singaporean cosplayer Frank’s bedroom makeover tells the story. 

This is Frank. He’s a civil servant who enjoys cosplaying. 

Frank’s bedroom is cluttered with costumes and props, figurines and other collectibles. 

Sometimes he works on his costumes in his room, and it gets even messier… 

Time to bring in the experts from IKEA! 

Watch the revamp action in a catchy stop-motion sequence! 


It’s about time somebody made an advertisement for cosplayers! Do you think cosplayers in commercials would be well-received where you come from? Leave us a comment! 

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