EXID Is Making a Comeback with All 5 Members


K-pop EXID, a 5-member group, has been performing as a 4-member group for the past two years. Good news is that the one missing member, Solji, will be rejoining the team for a comeback this November.

Credit: Instagram @exidofficial

EXID is made up of five talented and gorgeous ladies Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Jeonghwa. However, team leader Solji had to go on a hiatus after she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in December 2016. While she went on a break to get a full recovery, the rest the team continued performing as EXID as a 4-member group. However, earlier this year, Solji was revealed to be the one behind "Dongmakgol Girl", who was a five-time champion on the singing competition "Mask King", and fans were hopeful that she will be re-joining EXID to make a comeback soon.

It seems like the fans' wish came true and it was revealed that Solji will be joining EXID for their Fall comeback this November.

Are you excited for Solji's comeback too?