Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho Share Snippets About "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Filming and Their Chemistry


On December 6, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho sat down for an interview with Moon Hee Jun on the first episode of SBS’s “Genuine Entertainment Night,” to talk about their current drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” The show also treated viewers to a short glimpse of Palau, the South Pacific country where the drama was filmed.

Regarding how she kept her figure even after pregnancy, Jun Ji Hyun said, “I diet. I think [I was able to maintain my figure] because I am always conscious [of what I eat].” Lee Min Ho added that his co-star exercises every morning, even on their off-days.

When asked what he thought made the drama so popular, Lee Min Ho guessed it might be the lightheartedness and chemistry with Jun Ji Hyun.

The actress also shared an interesting episode that happened during filming. She said, “When we were filming the bike scene, we didn’t match each other’s rhythm properly, so we fell down.”

It was also revealed that the beautiful underwater scenes were actually created entirely with CGI. Jun Ji Hyun explained that there were a lot of parts focused on telling the mermaid’s story, and she had prepared a lot for acting “underwater,” but it was still a tough challenge each time.

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This article first appeared in Soompi.