Lee Joon Gi Stars in Korea's Remake Of "Criminal Minds"


Our 4th Prince took on a new role in Korea's remake of "Criminal Minds" that will premiere on July 26.

Credit: Soompi

Fans of Lee Joon Gi have been excitedly waiting for his new drama after the huge success of "Scarlet Heart" last year. As opposed to the brooding Wang So, Lee Joon Gi's new role as Kim Hyun Joon in "Criminal Minds" is said to be a character with a cheerful personality, who is serious at work and cares deeply for the people around him.

Credit: Namoo Actors

Credit: Namoo Actors

Lee Joon Gi has been taking up historical dramas for the past 3 years since his last modern drama "Two Weeks" back in 2013. It will be refreshing to see him in a modern drama after so long. Also known for being an action star and doing almost all of his action scenes himself, Lee Joon Gi had to jump through a sheet of glass during one of his scenes during filming and it was approved by the director on the first try (source: Soompi). Talk about professionalism!

Credit: Namoo Actors

To hype things up, international fans of Lee Joon Gi, including those from Singapore, put up subway ads for the drama at various subway stations in Seoul.

Credit: Lee Joon Gi 이준기 Global Fans Support Projects

"Criminal Minds" will premiere in Korea on tVN on 26 July. While waiting, check out the teaser of the drama below.