Mr World Singapore - 2 Minutes with Ben Siew


Mr. World Singapore 2019 contestant Ben Siew, 25, has suffered from deafness in one ear since his birth due to a deformed ear and has been bullied since he was young.

Credit: Instagram @craziben

Ben underwent ear reconstruction surgery only after his National Service, but his positivity made him build up a strong character and an extroverted personality. Today, Ben works as a digital marketer at a F&B group and can be seen tasting the freshest foods in town on his social media. However, he aims to be in his best shape at the finals of Mr World Singapore 2019 even with all the  surrounding good food. 

Find out how Ben stays strong despite all these, how he keeps fit although he enjoys yummy food, and if he would pick teleportation over mind-reading if he has these super powers in the video below.