Netflix Renews Lucifer for a Fifth and Final Season


According to Binge Report by TV Time, Lucifer season 4 held the position of the top binge show for the four weeks in a row. With the impressive viewership, it is no surprise that Netflix announced that Lucifer season 5 is going to happen. Am I hearing screams of joy?

Our cheeky devil, played by Tom Ellis, took to his Instagram and shared that Netflix will be having Lucifer for one final season and he thanked all fans of the series for the success of season 4. In fact, the show's official Twitter account also thanked the fan base for helping to make season 5 a reality after Netflix made the announcement.


Lucifer season 4 ended with Lucifer Morningstar heading back to hell and the tagline for season 5 "See You in Hell" may suggest more action in the fiery realm. However, we are looking forward to him with all the wacky earthly drama he usually gets himself into, or whether there will be a happy ending with Detective Decker.

There is no word on when season 5 will be released but I guess 2020 should be a safe bet.


All images credit: Netflix