NU'EST Released a New Music Video in Collaboration With Spoonz on Valentine's Day


After NU'EST W's "I Don't Care", NU'EST launched another music video in collaboration with Spoonz on Valentine's Day, "Let's Love", and this time, as a five-member band with the return of Hwang Minhyun.

NU'EST Spoonz Music Video Let's Love

Credit: Spoonz

NU'EST members have been ambassadors for Spoonz for a while now, and they each represent one adorable Spoonz character — BT is represented by leader JR, Slime by Aron, Diabol by Baekho, Ping by Minhyun, and Cindy by Ren. The items were selling like hotcakes and a visit to the Spoonz flagship store at Garosugil last November got me coming out of it with bags of cute items. With the launch of this new music video "Let's Love", the store also underwent a makeover and launched a new collection of products of the five cute characters. 

NU'EST announced during their VLIVE that they are releasing a new song and a new music video with Spoonz, and expect the song to be sweet and filled with love.

NU'EST Spoonz Music Video Let's Love

Credit: Spoonz

In the lead up to the launch of the music video, each member released individual MV teasers to get their fans excited.


JR's Teaser 


Aron's Teaser


Baekho's Teaser


Minhyun's Teaser


Ren's Teaser 


NU'EST Group Teaser


And last but not least, have a happy Valentine's Day with NU'EST "Let's Love" MV!