SHINee's Taemin Will Be Making a Solo Comeback in July


SHINee's Taemin released his last mini-album "WANT" in February 2019, and after one year and five months of waiting, we are getting a solo comeback from him!

SHINee Taemin Comeback 2020 Taem-log

Credit: Vogue Korea

SM Entertainment has confirmed the news, and said that "Taemin is preparing for a July comeback. Beginning with the release of a new song in July, he is planning on many solo activities, so please look forward to it."

In the meantime, if you miss this talented artist, Taemin has started "Taem-log 6v6", a vlog series of his behind-the-scenes situations and his everyday life on SHINee's YouTube. A contrast to his powerful performances and stage charisma, Taemin showed a very homely and natural side of himself — giving spoilers to his own upcoming songs while on the way to work, picking up cereal which dropped on the floor but decided to eat it anyway.

Let's look forward to Taemin's comeback with his wonderful vocals and out of this world dance moves!