This Famous Child Actor Is All Grown up…and He's a Total Hunk


Yo Seung Ho may have once been a sweet and adorable child. However, he’s grown to be incredibly handsome and total boyfriend material.

Puberty is seriously no joke and can transform someone into a very attractive adult, and that seems to have been the case with Yo Seung Ho. Yo Seung Ho was an adorable and fresh-faced child star, however as the years went by, the actor matured and his looks transformed completely. Now he is simply irresistible and total boyfriend material.

The child rose to stardom only two years after his debut, after the low-budget movie that he starred in titled The Way Home, had become a box office hit. Yo Seung Ho was so loved and praised, that he had even been given the name Nation’s Little Brother. 

Check out his amazing transformation below: