We Tried the Limousine Party That Is Huge in Japan


Limousine parties are huge in Japan and they are perfect for birthday celebrations, hens or bachelor nights, or simply just a get-together with friends. A search on Instagram with the hashtag #リムジンパーティー gave us close to 26,000 posts on limousine parties in Japan and we can see the ladies and gentlemen dressing up for the occasion, complete with champagnes and balloons. 

Because it looks like so much fun, MyFatPocket teamed up with Casio Singapore for a limousine party with 6 of our bloggers and I have to say that we are definitely not disappointed. It was a day of luxury and girly fun all in one.

To prepare for the limousine party, Occasion Boutique dressed us in pretty and colourful dresses so that our outfits are photo-worthy. To capture the moments, we were also equipped with Casio's latest selfie cameraCasio Exilim EX-TR80 for beautiful photos. 

It was the first time all of us were getting on a limousine and we were all really excited. 

Time for champagne and girly talks.

Although we enjoyed ourselves in the limousine, we got off at various stops for photo-taking. We have to do that, of course, why put the makeup and beautiful dresses to waste? Besides, Casio Exilim EX-TR80 is known as THE selfie camera that makes us look flawless without the need for any editing, isn’t it!

The wide-angle function of Casio Exilim EX-TR80 allows us to take a wefie without having to crop anyone away.

By standing the Casio Exilim EX-TR80 upright and using the Selfie Timer or the Motion Shutter, we can shoot hands-free, and even take amazing full-body selfies. 


Blogger Christy and Roanna taking an OOTD together. (Photo taken by Casio Exilim EX-TR80)


Let’s see what the bloggers had to say about the camera:





I rarely use the camera's flash when I take photos because the lighting can get really harsh and my selfies will turn out really ugly. However, Casio Exilim TR80's dual LED lights spreads out the flash and minimizes uneven lighting so now my selfies can still look nice even in low-light areas. Plus, TR80 comes with a makeup mode that is customizable with over 9000 different combinations to let us look flawless and radiant! Check out this low-light selfie that I took in the limousine today with flash and makeup mode both switched on! (Yes! Thank you @casiosg and @myfatpocket for giving us this wonderful limousine party today! Will post more about it soon!) Btw, This photo is 100% unedited and unfiltered! Now we can have pretty selfies even in dark places! . . #casiosg #exilimsg #lotuslimousines #myfatpocket #tr80sg #occasionboutique #selfie #selfieiscasio #selfiecamera #camera #tr80 #picoftheday #instasg #instadaily #sgblogger #sgig #igsg

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It was an evening well-spent with the girls. Did we get you interested in having your own limousine party? Don’t forget to dress up, have fun, and remember to take lots of photos too!