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5 Workout Routines to Help You Achieve a Smaller Waist


It is so easy to add extra inches to your waistline, but it takes hard work, perseverance, and patience to get rid of them. A healthy lifestyle is your best bet to achieve a smaller waist, and doing the right workout that targets the right muscle groups can speed up the journey to attain your goals.

Small Waist Workout Routines 

Credit: Pamela Reif

Strengthen your core muscles and sculpt those curves. A smaller waistline is not just more attractive, but it is also better for your overall health. Many of us are so tied up with work and heading to the gym has become a chore. Fret not, these exercises that help us to achieve a smaller waist can be easily completed in the comfort of our home with no equipment needed except for a yoga mat. Since we are in the midst of the Circuit Breaker to flatten the COVID-19 curve and everyone is staying home, it is the perfect time to kick start your home workouts, and keep them going even after the Circuit Breaker ends.

Here are 5 workout routines that you can try to help you achieve a smaller waist. However, don't expect magic to happen after one session. It takes time and effort so hang in there and give it your best. After completing your cardio exercises or your usual routine, add on one or two of the workout routines below and I'm sure you will be able to fit into your old jeans really soon.