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Stuck at Home? Here are 10 Ways to Beat the Cabin Fever


Things aren't all dreary even though all entertainment and recreational venues stopped operations for this month. 

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We can't go the malls to shop, hop into the newest cafe for a cuppa cold brew, bring the children to USS, or even to hit the gym or go for our favourite dance classes. It is quite a nightmare for those who are used to looking forward to the meeting their friends in their free time too. While we try our best to stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and it is understandable that cabin fever can strike even the most introverted one amongst us.

Well, if you are feeling cooped up and restless and ran out of Netflix dramas to watch (actually, is that even possible?), here are some activities that you may want to try.


1. Start writing

Register for a free blog site online and start writing! Use it as a diary, or share your thoughts and experiences in your new blog. Still not sure what you can write about? Here are some blog topics that you may want to start off with. Writing can be really therapeutic and who knows, you may turn out to be the next top blogger! 


2. Try a new recipe

There are so many recipes and Youtube cooking tutorials online so pick your favourite dish and try a new recipe. You can even try your hands at baking a new cake or some yummy muffins, and I'm sure your family will be delighted.


3. Read a new book

Reading stimulates the mind and reduces everyday stress, and to add on to that, it expands your vocabulary and improves your imagination and concentration. If you are one of those who haven't picked up a new book to read since you left school, there is no better time to do it than now. No books at home and libraries are closed? Fret not, there are lots of online books available, and our National Library has a portal for you to borrow eBooks. Here's the link for you, You are welcome!


4. Home workout

Gyms are closed but that's not an excuse to be a couch potato. Get moving with the fitness videos that are available on Youtube (Chris Hemsworth also has an app for home workouts). We are loving Chloe Ting's series of home workout videos to get those perfect abs while we stay at home. You will thank yourself for working hard at those core muscles when you can head to the beach in your favourite bikini again.


5. Upgrade your skills

Upgrade your work expertise by taking an online course during the weekends to increase your employability because this is a time of great uncertainty in the job market. Head over to the websites of the various institutes of higher learning to check out the courses that they are offering. 


6. Take a virtual holiday

We are halting our travel plans because of the CONVID-19 pandemic but it is really hard to contain our wanderlust spirit. Head over to and take virtual tours of national parks, watch the live streams of African wildlife, and even watch live streams of the Northern Lights. Check out all the live cams at and take your virtual holiday.


7.  Pick up a new language

Want to pick up German to communicate effectively with your new colleague? Or Korean to understand what your K-pop idols are talking about? Pick up a new language now that you have more time at home. Try Duolingo for a start.


8. Marie Kondo your house

Do the items lying around your in messy room no longer spark joy? It's time to Marie Kondo them away. Who knows, you may discover lost treasures in your messy clutter. Watch "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" on Netflix to get some tips on decluttering if you need some help.


9. Bring out your inner child

Colouring activities aren't just for children! Colouring awakens that little artist in you and helps you to destress and relax. Just Color, Michael O'Mara Books, and Super Coloring have got some free colouring resources that you can download. Print them out for hours of fun!


10. Meet your friends... virtually!

Our tribe is our pillar of support and it is only human nature to miss your BFFs. Do a virtual gathering via video calls, and chit chat and laugh over the silliest jokes just like how you used to do it... just that you are now at home instead of sitting in the bars!