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What to Look out for in a Hand Sanitiser


Most of us would know by now that regular hand-washing is our best bet in the fight against COVID-19. But when we do not have access to soap and water, using a hand sanitiser is the next best alternative.

Ezel Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Singapore COVID-19

However, not all hand sanitisers are made equal and you do not want to spend your money on ineffective hand sanitisers that do nothing but dry your skin. Here's what you need to look out for in a hand sanitiser to stay healthy.


1. Look for a hand sanitiser that contains at least 70% alcohol

The most effective hand sanitiser to counter COVID-19 should contain at least 70% alcohol to kill bacteria and viruses. Anything lower than that reduces the effectiveness dramatically.


2. Make sure it doesn't dry your hands

Hand sanitisers that contain high alcohol content are great at killing germs, but on the flip side of the coin, they can also dry your hands excessively and it can be a big headache for those who are plagued by eczema. 

For those who are worried about dry skin, you may want to consider a hand sanitiser that contains moisturising ingredients like aloe vera that is gentler on the skin, while giving you the protection that you need.


Ezel Instant Hand Sanitiser

Ezel Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Singapore COVID-19 

Ezel Hand Instant Sanitiser hails from Turkey, contains 70% alcohol and 2 times sanitising strength for maximum effectiveness. It also contains aloe vera and Vitamin E to keep your hands moisturised. 


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The right way to use a hand sanitiser:

1. Dispense a 50-cent coin amount of hand sanitiser on your palm.

2. Rub the sanitiser and make sure that it coats both your hands entirely.

3. Do not wipe away the excess hand sanitiser, but rub your hands together until the gel dries off.


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Ezel Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Singapore COVID-19