Burn 400 Calories from Your National Day’s Feast with These Nostalgia Games


We don’t blame you if you decide to celebrate the nation’s 52nd birthday by feasting since eating is Singaporeans’ favourite pastime. By hey, remember the saying, “a moment on the lips, is a lifetime on the hips”? Thankfully, you can nullify the statement by replaying some of your old time favourite arcade games, after all, that indulgence.

Credit: Mediatrends

Do include these games in your trial.


1. Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)


Every kid from Generation X will definitely remember this dance game that took the world by storm in the 90s. In fact, many of us might even beg our parents for a DDR map as a birthday gift back then. We heard that the newer version of this game comes with various Kpop chart toppers and songs of the Billboard, which makes the idea of re-stepping on the dance machine sounds exciting. Burn 104 calories with every 15 minutes of this game.


2. Daytona

Credit: Gamecoin

Admit it! Sometimes you can’t help but envy the Germans for their Autobahn because there is no speed limit and you can race against your buddies as freely as you like. Thankfully, there is always Daytona, at least you can fulfil your inner “racing queen” desire in the virtual monarchy (risk-free too). In case you didn’t know, Daytona is the first racing game to have the physics of drifting programmed into gameplay (how cool is that?). Burn 36 calories with every 15 minutes of this game. 


3. House of the Dead

Credit: Tv Tropes

Move aside Left4dead. This game is then the rightful predecessor of all zombie apocalypse related games. Till now we can still remember the euphoria sensation we felt when the limbs of the zombies exploded into bits with every gun shot. Every 15 minutes of shooting burn 36 calories. 


4. Street Basketball

Credit: Timeout

We need to confess that back then we really dislike our bunch of irritating guy friends who monopolised the basketball machine. Or should I say we were just pure jealous of their near 100% shooting skills? Regardless of the reason, why not let bygones be bygones? Gather your guy friends for a round of good game this national day. Every 15 minutes of this game burn 65 calories.


5. Reel Fishing

Credit: Wivern

Credit: The Smart Local

Funnily, most of us got addicted to this game considering the fact that we found that fishing in real life is a big turn off. For this game, there’s no time to idle around, as the monster fishes make their appearance every once in a while. Play this game with your family and watch as things escalated into something competitive. Burn 51 calories with every 15 minutes of this game.


6. Taiko Master

Credit: Muzachan

You might argue that there’s “Drum Mania”, but we prefer “Taiko Master” over it. Our hearts literally melted with the appearance of the adorable mascots, Don (red face) and Kat (blue face) on screen. That aside, we still remember how the game never fails to leave us with sore wrists every single time we played it. Nevertheless, it still serves as a good memory and works out for us. Burn 55 calories with every 15 minutes of this game. 


7. Air Hockey

Credit: Stumagz

Fans of “Air Hockey” definitely know that having pucks that flung out the table is a norm while playing the game. And it isn’t something to be embarrassed about, for it shows how interesting the game is. “Jio” your khakis and flung some fats pucks together this national day. Burn 55 calories with every 15 minutes of this game.


Doing all the 7 activities within 1hr 45 minutes burn 402 calories and this equates to eating 2 plain roti prata (120g) and drinking 1 cup of the halia (363 g).

All activities calculated based on a 55kg adult.