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Copy Evangeline Lilly’s “Ant-Man 2” Workout to Get a Superhero Body


Though the way to gaining superpowers might remain a mystery to us, it’s a different story when it comes to getting superhero physiques. With Evangeline’s revelation of her “Ant-Man 2” workout, we can all now get into superhero shape and look great in our workout attire (coupled with wings and blasters).

Credit: DNA India

Here’s what you need to do to get a superhero body!


Evangeline is a huge fan of stretching! She not only devoted half of her exercise time on stretching but has credited it to improving everything from her digestion to her mood. In case you’re wondering, her stretches vary from wild, meditative to weak and uninspired.

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Run the Stairs

The actress also took her workout to the next level by running up the stairs. Here’s her tip: move your arms when you run for it’s a great way to sculpt your arms.

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Sculpt Your Core

Despite having a hectic schedule, the busy “Wasp” did not forget to tone her core for she believes a strong core help to enhance the integrity of her spine. “I’ve had enough back injuries in my life to have learned how crucial a good core is many things, namely the integrity of my spine. So, next to stretching, a simple, quick, mini-core routine takes priority in my busy days,” wrote the actress. Click the video to learn how Evangeline tones her core!

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Engage in Full Body Workouts

Apart from running and stretching, the superhero also incorporates full-body strength training into her daily workout. In the accompanying Instagram video, you can see her talking her way through exercises like lunges, bicep curls, lateral raises and dumbbell squats. Well, let’s just say we can feel the burn!

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Swore by “Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout”

In case you did not know, Evangeline is resistant to fads and prefers to keep things simple (or old school) by sticking to her “Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout”. “So … as embarrassing as it might be, I have stuck with my ‘Jane Fonda’s Complete Workout’ moves basically my whole life”, she confessed. Well, if it works, why change it up?

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