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Here's a DNA Test Kit to Help You Customise Your Fitness Plan


We are all unique individuals and cookie cutter fitness plans may not be the best for us.


Each and every one of us is different and what is good for your BFF may not garner the best results for you. DNA test kits in the market can help us decode our genetic makeup and there are many out in the market that help us find out more about our lineage and ethnic proportions. However, we now have one that can give us insights on how we can lead a healthier lifestyle, all base on our unique DNA code.

Guardian has partnered with DNAcode, Asia’s leading genetic test provider to deliver an actionable detailed report with fitness and nutrition recommendations. DNAcode’s partnership with Guardian is the first of its kind in Asia to launch a Lifestyle DNA Test Kit in a Health and Beauty Retailer, and it provides results in 4 key areas: weight loss ability, food, nutrients and responses to exercises, unique to your DNA.

The DNAcode test kit is painless, non-invasive and comes with a swab test. Based on the report, Guardian pharmacists in more than 70 outlets will advise consumers on lifestyle modifications to help them make more informed choices in their lifestyles and ultimately, achieve better results.


How does DNAcode works?

1. Register your kit

Go to and click on the registration button and follow the steps to register.

2. Collect sample

Collect your DNA using the enclosed swab

3. Mail it

Place your DNA Sample Envelope into the Prepaid Return Envelope and mail it.

4. Get your report

Receive your personalized genetic report in 4-6 weeks.

5. Consult Guardian pharmacist

Get recommendations on the right supplements to improve your overall health based on your results.


How to get the DNAcode kit from Guardian stores:

1. DNACode test kit retails exclusively at all Guardian outlets for $39.00.

2. Register via DNAcode’s website to mail out test kit and receive a full-length detailed

3. Personalised DNA report at $135.

4. Save $25.00 by purchasing it from Guardian outlets. DNAcode’s website total package cost $199.


Visit for more information.