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Here’s How to Get Back Into Working Out After Your CNY Hiatus


We know with all the Lou-hei and late night mah-jong invitations, it can be hard to make time for exercising (and who would blame you?) while welcoming the year of the Dog. If you have fallen off the wagon this festive season, you’re not alone. We have compiled the following tips to help you get back on track.

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Don’t Overdo It Right Away

Whether you like it or not, your body naturally deconditions itself after a hiatus from exercise. Regardless of the intensity of your previous workout regimes, it’s important to be patient as it requires time to bounce back into working out after any break. We suggest taking things slow, as pushing too hard will increase your risk of injury. Reinstate your workouts with shorter and light exercises, and then increase the duration and intensity gradually.

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Begin With What Works for You

No one says that you have to start clocking in 7 workouts per week immediately. If you only feel comfortable working out once a week, then go ahead, and stick with it! As you get comfortable, try to add in more exercise sessions per week.

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Add in Rest Days

Even the most competitive athletes need rest days too; therefore there is no reason for you not to do so. Recovery plays a significant part in being active. When you take a day off, your body isn’t. It is working to repair and replenish itself after all the hard work you put it through.

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Start Your Workout with Warm-up and End It with Cool-down

Do not ditch these the two crucial elements (warm-up and cool-down exercises) while working out. A proper warm-up prepares the body for the increase in activity while a cool down allows the heart rate to return to normal. For the uninitiated, muscles that have not been conditioned to strenuous exercise will experience some form of delayed onset muscle soreness. This means you’re going to feel achy for 1 to 3 days after your workout. Thankfully, you can reduce some of the pain with a proper cool-down session.

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Have a Good Stretch

After periods of inactivity, the muscles can feel tighter than usual. Take a few minutes to loosen up your muscles before sweating out. Doing so, not only help to avoid injury but also enhance your performance.

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Listen to Your Body

Learn the difference between hurts-so-good and hurts-not-so-good. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop and rest!

Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself can help you stay on track as you get back into the swing of working out. Make a series of small, attainable goals, this can help keep up your fitness momentum and motivation. When you achieve a goal, remember to reward yourself.

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