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[Interview with Dr. Brian Tracey Ep. 1] - An In-Depth Understanding of the Runners' Knee


Amongst those who run regularly, one of the most common running ailments will have to be the runner's knee.

Credit: East Sacremento Chiropractic

Runner's knee is the term that is used to describe the pain around the knee area due to the stress on our knee area. Any activity that adds stress to the knee area can be an underlying factor of the runner's knee, but running is definitely one of the most common cause for it. 

We interviewed Dr. Brian James Tracey to find out more about the runner's knee and how to pick the right pair of running shoes to prevent injuries. Are light-weight shoes the must-haves? And how do we determine if a pair of shoes have good support? Watch the video to find out more.


Brian James Tracey 

B.S.K, B.Sc, AT
Podiatric Sports and Military Medicine


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