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Simple Exercises to Do While Catching the World Cup Match


The quadrennial FIFA World Cup kicks off, and this might signify ditching the gym to acquaint with the sofa for you (and us too). But hey, you need not bid goodbye to your workout to satisfy the soccer fix. Get started on these exercises while drooling over the physique of the hunks physical feats put up by the players and stay fit! The best thing is, you can do these exercises from your sofa.


Sofa Dips

Credit: Buzzfeed

1. Sits on the edge of the soft with hands just outside of your hips, fingers forward

2. Lift your body and walk your feet out until your knees are above your heels

3. Bend your elbows and lower your hips towards the floor

4. Push your body up while extending your elbows


Pistol Squats

Credit: The Exercist

1. Begin by sitting on the chair or sofa

2. Place one foot on the ground and the other extended in front of you and lifted off the ground

3. Put your weight onto the foot on the ground and push up to stand, with the lifted leg off the ground

4. Push your hips back behind as you lower, and return to the standing position


Bulgarian Split Squats

Credit: Google Plus
1. Start by placing the toes of your right foot on the sofa or chair with your left leg straight
2. Bend your left knee, squeeze your right glute, and lower your pelvis toward the floor
3. Press your left heel into the floor to straighten your left knee (this completes one repetition)

Couch Push Ups

Credit: Buzzfeed
1. Find an elevated stable object (e.g. sofa arm) that you can place your hands on for the push-ups
2. Place your hands shoulder-width apart
3. Push your body down until your chest touches the sofa arm 
4. Return back to the starting position

Sofa Crunches

Credit: Giphy

1. Get into the sit-up position, with your calves resting on the sofa

2. Crunch your arms by rolling your shoulders towards the knees, closing the space between the chest and hips

3. Hold for a few seconds as you reach the peak of each rep, and lightly touch the back of your head down between repetitions