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This is How You Should Be Working Out in 2018!


Take time to recall your exercise regimen from the start of the year until today, has it helped you to reach your fitness goals? Does it get you all hyped up and make you actually want to drag your weary soul to the gym after work? If your reply is a resounding "NO", it may be time to think about swapping your regimen with these new exercises as you leap into the new chapters of 2018.

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1. Virtual Reality Fitness

Besides transforming the way we play our game (link), virtual reality is set to seriously disrupt the fitness industry (in a good way) in 2018. With studios that use screens for a more immersive experience to VR headsets that allow you to burn calories under the guidance of virtual trainer; all we have to say is working out will never be boring again!

Experience the phenomenon of virtual reality fitness with PURE Fitness-Life Fitness with VirZoom Program today.

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2. Spiderbands

We cannot promise that this exercise will make you as agile as Spiderman, yet we're sure that it will help you burn some calories. And No, the Spiderband is not a new weapon of the superhero, but rather a stretchy, suspended resistance bands that defy gravity and take your body sculpting workout to a whole new level. Though the trend has yet to reach our shores, it will slowly crawl its way here from London.

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3. Green Fitness

It's not difficult to notice them as soon as you step out from your house: buildings invaded by greenery, steel and glass seemingly reclaimed by the tropical backdrop (think Parkroyal on Pickering). And we say, you better start appreciating it! Why? Because nature-inspires gym studios are the next big thing in fitness! In fact, the world's first biophilic gym-Biofit opened in London this year and is set to "spread its roots" to other nations.

Credit: Instagram/@gobiofit

If you're wondering what benefits this biophilic-gyms bring you, here's what UK Active Research Director- Dr Steven Man says "it evoked a statistically significant change in both positive and negative mood states, with the workout increasing positive moods and decreasing negative moods among participants."

4. Wearable Tech in Group Fitness

Always feel unmotivated to work out? A wearable technology group fitness class offered by Polar might be your remedy! How does it work? The real-time results (e.g. speed, heart rate, calories burn) of the entire class will be flashed on the screen. Well, since you get to see your results next to the entire class (probably strangers), we're sure that it can help push yourself harder during the workout.

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5. Clubbercise

Those who say clubbing doesn't count as a workout obviously didn't know their stuff. Building on the appeal of dancing in the dark, the newest trend- Clubbercise combines dance, toning and combat training taught with booming club music, and flashing LED glow sticks. Do not fret, for no one can tell if you're a dancing noob in the dark. Check out more here.

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6. Ninja Training

Good news for those who yearn to swing from ropes and climb up walls after watching -Ninja Warrior. For you need not fly to Australia! With ninja fitness and obstacle racing gyms sprouting across the globe in 2018, the trend will prove it was far from just a passing fad. Get your body ready for some Ninja moves with BOUNCE in the year to come.