Count Your Ang Baos, Count Your Calories Even More!


Qi Ge Long Tong Qiang Tong Qiang! It’s the favourite time of the year again!  Gathering with relatives (who we only get to see once a year), indulging in bite size, terribly addictive goodies, countless ang baos, and sadly for some, it means free extra kilos too.


Many of the festive goodies are loaded with fat and sugar. Some of these may even contain calories comparable to a small meal. With additional 500 calories worth of CNY goodies down your throat per week during this festive season, you can effortlessly add 0.5 to 1 kg on the weighing scale.

If you think it’s an easy feat to avoid munching 500 calories worth of CNY goodies down your happy belly, well, think again! Here at MyFatPocket, we hate to burst that dreamy bubble of yours.


Calories Value: HPB Energy& Nutrient Composition of Food, Activity Duration: Singhealth Health Tools, based on 55kg

Well, for those who are whining (What? No more bak kwa? How about that mini hae bee hiam? It sure looks harmless on my waistline. And you mean I should give up on snacking, are you crazy?) and before you start transforming into the horrible monster, Nian, here’s our take:  as long as you practice portion control and adopt wise food choices, a few days of indulgence is definitely ok.

Here let Team MyFatPocket share with you some healthy and yummy alternatives to the classic CNY snacks.

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth with Greenday Chips

Greenday Chips are prepared via vacuum frying (a method which effectively reduce the oil content) along with rice bran oil (packed with high content of oryzanol antioxidants, which lowers blood cholesterol). These snacks are awarded the Healthier Choice Snack Symbol by HPB, and the best part is they offer many choices, imagine Crispy Grapes Chips! Get yours today at The Guardian or NTUC Finest.



Mix Your Own Nuts Trail

Nuts are packed with a good punch of fibre and both mono and polyunsaturated fats, which help to reduce the “bad cholesterol”in the blood. Pick up Nature’s Wonders Nuts which carry the Healthier Choice Symbol, all formulated to be of lower sodium, and higher dietary fibre content. The best part is, the nuts from Nature’s Wonders are trans-fat and cholesterol free. Get yours at the nearest Fairprice, Giant, Sheng Siong or Cold Storage.

Although the nuts are formulated to be healthier and contains healthy fats, but do keep your indulgence under 30g (1/4 cup). One must not forget that fat pack a calorie wallop, in fact 9 calories per gram. Hence over indulgence may lead to higher calorie intake.


Credit: Taisun

Rejoice with These Goodies

Remember the 3 bakeries that serve healthy logcakes? The good news is, these 3 lovely bakeries do craft delectable and healthier CNY goodies. Fancy any low glycemix treats, baked with organic and chemical free ingredients, and a whole pocketful of love? If your answer is YES, hesitate no more, and pop over these stores to find out more!

Delcies Desserts and Cakes Pte Ltd (Link)

Try these specials:  Green pea cookies, coconut love letters, and golden ingot Osmanthus jelly among the many choices. For those with diabetes, organic, vegan or lactose intolerance concerns or just simply health conscious, rest assured that you will definitely find something to your liking and appropriate for your health condition at Delcies.


Credit: Delcies

Bud of Joy (Link)

Wonder where to get CNY goodies for relatives or friends who are ardent fans of all organic stuffs? Let Bud of Joy solve your woes then. Imagine pineapple pearls, almond crunch, cashew balls, along with orange chiffon cakes, and walnut chiffon cakes all baked with the organic and whole grain touch. Your organic friends will definitely be more than satisfied.


Credit: Bud of Joy

 Jonathan’s (Link)

“Eat worry-free”(which happens to be their tagline) with Johnathan’s for those that are struggling with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Here at Johnathan’s, the team works their magic and cleverly crafted many specialties that are bound to keep your allergies at the bay! Grab these gluten free pineapple tarts and cookies and have a “worry free”CNY.


Credit: Jonathan's