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The OMEGA 1880 Collection is the epitome of high-quality cookware that demonstrates the fine calibre of materials and craftsmanship. Read on to find out more about OMEGA 1880 Collection and how you can get your hands on their premium cookware with up to 80% savings at FairPrice from 17th October 2019 to 29th January 2020.


The city of Solingen, long synonym with blade crafting and the highest standard of craftsmanship, has found itself recognised worldwide thanks to the brand OMEGA. OMEGA was founded in 1880 by Joseph Feist where his wealth of experience in steel and ironware had produced world-class kitchenware and cookware raved by renowned chefs and veteran home cooks.


Holding strongly to the principle of knowledge and quality, Joseph translated these fundamentals into every phase of production. He believes that quality starts from the material selection. Hence, it is no surprise the company has attained many achievements since its establishment.

Their most premium range – the 1880 series by OMEGA - commemorates the founding of the company as well as the accomplishment amassed by the traditional family firm.


OMEGA provides an extensive range of knives of various length to cater to assorted food types and structures. Whether you are preparing for a Japanaese cuisine or Westen style meats, OMEGA has the perfect knife for your every cuisine.


Inspired by the Japanese utility knife, OMEGA Santoku Knife 175mm carries a typical shape of the Japanese blade, with a broad flat surface and scalloped edges, reducing adhesion to the food. Made also with the preparation of Japanese cuisine in mind, the Santoku knife is perfect for cutting vegetables and fish in addition to meats.

Due to the contours of the blade and the design of the grip, the knife is capable of cutting meat and fish into even strips, fine dicing, and even chopping of vegetables and herbs. Slicing and dicing are made effortless and safe, ideal even for amateur cooks.

The Chinese Kitchen Knife by OMEGA is another breakthrough from the conventional chopper. With its lightweight and robust rectangular feature, hard solid foods can now be chopped and minced into finer pieces with ease.

The classic 3-rivet handle found in all OMEGA’s knives rests comfortably and securely in your hand when cutting and slicing. The hardness rating of 57 on the Rockwell scale for all knives further validates the blade’s sharpness and toughness. Best of all, OMEGA knives are rustproof and acid-resistant, so you will be assured that they will last a long time.

The stamped OMEGA logo at the end of the handle is the hallmark of the OMEGA 1880 knife collection, certifying the true quality and superior design of the knives.


Elegant, stylish, and most importantly, functional, the entire OMEGA Cookware range exudes a timeless charm that makes cooking in the kitchen a breeze even for first-time cooks.

The unique characteristics of the cookware range include the incorporation of a 6-star, Teflon Platinum Plus coating that ensures that you leave no residue after cooking, is dishwasher-safe, and suitable for all kinds of hobs, including induction hobs.

The Frying Pan by OMEGA is a must-have in every kitchen and the perfect companion to whip up your favourite dishes. The hollow configuration of the frying pan allows for the brief or rapid preparation of medium-sized portions of pasta, steak and fried potatoes. The 18/10 stainless steel material, paired with a 5mm sandwich base and aluminium core, distributes the heat for even heat conduction.

Showcase your masterpiece even whilst cooking through the shatter-proof glass lids with silicone rim that is heat resistant up to 180 °C

Pots are quintessential in every kitchen. Our hearty stews and soups arise from this simple yet important statement piece. The Pot by OMEGA provides for sufficient room for generous helpings of pasta without having to worry about splashes, thanks to its high edges. The ergonomic pouring rim is the ideal assistant to serving and draining water, especially from pasta and potatoes.

Kitchen Accessories

Though indispensable in any meal preparation, kitchen accessories often do not receive the glory they deserve for contributing to delicious meals.

Hardy yet light, the bamboo Chopping Board by OMEGA is able to withstand wear and tear and absorbs lesser fluid than normal wood. The distinct circumferential groove of the board prevents fluids from flowing to your kitchen top during cutting.

No knife can do its wonders without fine-tuning - sharpening. The rough grind and fine grind ports in the Knife Sharpener by OMEGA extend the use of the knives, keeping them incredibly sharp and as good as new all the time. Together with a steady non-slip base and a special handle, the knife sharpener lets you focus on whetting the blades into its finest state.


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