How to Make the Blue Sky Jelly That Is Trending in Japan


Now we can have clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds in our glasses. Please hold on while I grab my phone to take a photo for the 'gram.

Japanese Dessert Drink Blue Sky Jelly Recipe How to Make

Credit: @tabemastagram

Now that we can't head out and do our weekend cafe hops, it is the perfect time to turn our homes into home cafes. Set up the table, make some pretty cakes and coffee and take a flatlay of your creations. 

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Up your home cafe game with the Blue Sky Jelly that is trending in Japan. Search for the hashtag "青空ゼリー" (which translates to "Blue Sky Jelly") on Instagram and you can find all the Blue Sky Jellies that were lovingly created by the Japanese ladies.


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The blue skies and white clouds are totally channelling all the beach vacation vibes and since it will be some time before we can travel overseas for a beach holiday, let's make do and have some fun with this Blue Sky Jelly.



- Blue Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup 150ml
- Calpis 100cc
- Hot water moderate amount of gelatin 10g
- Vanilla ice cream
- Marshmallow



1. Mix the shaved ice syrup and hot water to 200ml, then put the mixture into the microwave.

2. Add 5 grams of gelatin and mix well. After the mixture cooled, put it in a container and put it in the refrigerator.

3. Use Calpis to make jelly in the same way. (It can also be replaced with vanilla ice cream)

4. After the jelly has set, break it up with a fork and place it in a glass.

5. Add a lot of blue on the outside of the glass and interlace with the white Calpis jelly (or vanilla ice-cream) to create the blue sky and floating white clouds.

Optional: Add carbonated drinks and a marshmallow on top.