How to Make These Beautiful Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwiches


Japanese are known for their beautiful food presentations, and the Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwiches that are trending on social media are definitely Instagram-worthy too.

Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwiches

Credit: テイストメイド ジャパン / @221percent

Filled with cream spread and fruits of your choice, these Japanese Flower Sandwiches are not just pretty to look at but are surprisingly tasty and easy to make too. You can see the creations from our Japanese friends with a quick search on Instagram with the hashtag #フラワーサンドイッチ.


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Ingredients you need:

Bread – 12 slices (white milk bread is recommended)
Fresh cream – 200 ml
Mascarpone cheese – 200 grams
Granulated sugar – 30 grams
Fruit: Oranges, strawberries, green kiwi fruit, yellow kiwi fruit, seedless grape (both green and red), bananas, mangoes

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Tastemade Japan has a step-by-step video on the preparation of the Japanese Fruit Flower Sandwich. It will guide you through the process of preparing the cream spread, cutting of the fruits into the right shapes, and how to place them onto the bread before cutting them. Don't worry if you don't understand Japanese. The steps are really easy to follow and self-explanatory. 


Although heading out for a picnic is out of the question now, we can still enjoy these amazing sandwiches at home!