Is Migabon Porridge in Myeongdong Worth the Hype?


Myeondong is not just a paradise for beauty junkies, it is also a haven for the foodies.

Given the wide variety of food choices, there is always something tfor you. MiGaBon 味加本 (미가본) is a Korean porridge restaurant that is very popular in Myeondong, and it has also gotten a thumbs-up from everyone whom I have brought here to eat.

There are several Korean porridge shops in Myeondong but MiGaBon is one of the best around. It is located at level 2, so simply make your way up to the staircase on the left and you will see a green signage that is hard to miss.

For those who are worried about the language barrier, the menu in MiGaBon is written in English, Chinese and Korean. Most of the staff are also proficient in English. 

Like all Korean restaurants that we stepped into, complimentary refillable banchan (side dishes) are served. We like how appetizing and crunchy the bean sprouts, radish, and burdock roots are. But do note that the one in red (spicy octopus) might be a bit spicy for some of us. 

While one might mistake the silver dispenser as pepper, it is actually a bottle of salt. So don't make a mistake and use sparingly!

Some of the highly recommended porridges include the Mushroom and Beef Porridge ($8,000 won), Pine Mushroom and Abalone Porridge ($18,000 won) and Ginseng and Chicken Porridge ($8,000 won). If you are looking for something soupy, there are Boiled Ginseng with Chicken ($13,000 won) available on the menu too.

What we really like about the porridge in MiGaBon is that they were really hearty and packed with generous ingredients with the rice grains still fully intact. In fact, with every mouthful, it is an explosion of textures and flavours. For those who are worried about the ginseng porridge being too overwhelming, your worries are almost non-existent. The aroma of the ginseng was subtle yet substantial enough for you to enjoy it.

If you are looking for a healthy version with more dietary fibers, Broccoli Shrimp Porridge ($10,000 won) has fresh plump shrimps and diced carrot which added some natural sweetness to the porridge. We thought it was as good as their meaty counterparts.

Once you are done with your meal, the bill can be easily settled at the counter near the entrance.

MigaBon is definitely a place for breakfast or porridge fans. It is a place where you can have a lighter meal after having several days of fried, bbq and spicy food in Seoul!


MiGaBon 味加本(미가본),
56 Myeongdong-gil, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-752-0330
Operating Hours:
Sun-Sat, 8am - 4pm, 5pm - 10pm