[Review] SG Pho House - Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore


Singapore is known as a food paradise and being a cosmopolitan city, it is very easy to find international cuisines here. However, it is hard to find authentic ones that smell and taste like how it should be.

Vietnamese food has always been one of my top favourites but as I mentioned earlier, it can be pretty hard to find Pho that is as authentic as the ones we had in Vietnam. The ones I had in Singapore seemed to always be adjusted to Singaporean's tastebuds. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was introduced to SG Pho House by a friend and now, I know exactly where we can get authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore without having to fly to Vietnam. 

Pho Dac Biet (Special Beef Noodle Soup) - $9.90

The must-order for Vietnamese food fans is no doubt the soupy Pho that is both yummy and healthy. SG Pho House serves a variety of Pho but we opted for the chef recommended Pho Dac Biet (Special Beef Noodle Soup). Pho Dac Biet comes with 3 different types of beef including beef balls, served in soup that is 100% cooked from fresh bones without any MSG added. Sounds good?

The soup was light yet flavourful, and the noodles were light and springy. According to Mr Simon Hear, boss of SG Pho House, they cook the broth for 12 hours daily to achieve the correct taste and texture. The beef slices were tender and yummy and last but not least, the handmade beef balls were of the correct "Q-ness". The no-chilli-will-die amongst my friends happily dipped her yummy-licious beef and beef balls into the spicy and aromatic chilli sauce made by the chef.

No Vietnamese meal is complete without some Vietnamese spring rolls. We order both the Pork Spring Roll and the Fresh Spring Roll to try and both did not disappoint. 

Pork Spring Roll - $3.50

While the fried Pork Spring Roll came with sweet chilli sauce, the Fresh Spring Rolls came with peanut sauce and each sauce complements the taste of the different type of spring rolls perfectly.

Since there were 4 of us at the dining table, you are not allowed to judge us when we went ahead to order more side dishes right to go with our Pho, right? 

Grilled Shrimps with Chilli Salt - $8.90

Grilled Squid

Sauteed Vegetables with Garlic - $6.90


We concluded that all the dishes we ordered met the expectations of our fussy tastebuds. And mind you, there were foodies amongst us that could tell what ingredients went into a dish just by having a mouthful of it and all the dishes we ordered at SG Pho House met their criteria!


Bookmark this page so that the next time you are looking at affordable, authentic Vietnamese food in Singapore you know where to go!


SG Pho House
774 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198742

Tel: 629987744