Salted Yolk Snacks for Tea Break? Read This First!


Be it pastries, ice cream, or crustaceans, salted yolk seems to magically enhance the gastronomic experience. This is no wonder that the unappealing yolk has fast become an uprising star and ‘apple of the eye’ among various food connoisseurs and hipster cafes. We don’t know about you, but the health conscious persona in us definitely can’t help but worry about the nutritional content of these ingenious yolk creations, despite the joy of showering our palates with them. If the inner ‘health persona’ is screaming at you too, this guide is totally for you.


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More than Just the Bad Stuffs

A simple search of the food databases revealed that 12g of salted yolks contain not just higher calories (68 kcal versus 41 kcal), but also higher fat (6.36 g versus 3.71g) and higher cholesterol (253 mg versus 134 mg) than regular chicken egg yolks of the same weight. Well, these results may be good enough to make some of you banish salted yolks out of your lives; but hang on, salted yolks are more than just the negatives.



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Salted yolks do provide important nutrients and minerals as well. For instance, one salted yolk (57 g) is packed with 8.2 g of the macronutrient protein. This translates to approximately 12 to 14 percent (daily protein requirement from HPB are 68 g/d for men and 58 g/d women) of most people's daily required intake of protein. Protein consumption is important for various reasons, particularly when it comes to hair and nails. Both consist of structural proteins known as keratin, hence adequate dietary protein is essential for supplying the building blocks for growing strong and shiny hair and nails. 


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Vitamin E

Other than protein, the salted yolk also contains the antioxidant vitamin E. Vitamin E can be said to be of a woman’s best friend, as it helps to retard the process of skin aging (wrinkles) due to cumulative UV exposure. UV rays from the sun cause oxygen molecules in the dermis to “spin”, and make them spilt into 2 free radicals, which destroy healthy skin collagen and compromise skin’s integrity. Fortunately, researchers [1] found that certain form of Vitamin E may regulate gene signals in the skin that aid in preventing damage that usually occur after UV exposure. 


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The salted yolk also contains the mineral calcium which spur new skin cells generation along with getting rid of the old ones. Thus this help to ward off fragile, thin and dry skin, which are all nemesis of a woman’s beauty journey. Other than this, calcium works with epidermis to produce sebum, a natural skin coating substance that aids in retaining moisture in skin.



Now let move on and see how some of our favourite salted egg yummies fare in the calories department.

Crusty Salted Egg Croissant 


Credit: Rebecca Saw

1 croissant (94 g) contains 441 calories, 70 minutes of swimming (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Katerine Jao's recipe

Get yours at: Antoinette, Flavour Flings

Freeze-y Salted Egg Ice Cream


Credit: Open Snap

1 ball contains 124 calories, 20 minutes of jogging (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Lady Boss JJ's recipe

Get yours at: Fat Cat Ice Cream, Tom’s Platte

Fishy Fried Salmon Skin with Salted Egg


Credit: Pinkypiggu

1 serving contains 213 calories, 95 minutes of Yoga (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Winston Jansen's recipe

Get yours at: Irvins 

Golden Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Sauce



1 serving contains 245 calories, 60 minutes of Golf (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Bridget Lee's recipe

Get yours at: Sin Lee Foods

Curious Salted Egg Yolk Churros


Credit: Explodingbelly

100 g contains 323 calories, 75 minutes of Jazz (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Chun Rong's recipe

Get yours at: The Replacement

Volcanic Salted Egg Yolk Lava Cake



100 g contains 349 calories, 125 minutes of Volleyball (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Eckitchensg's recipe

Get yours at:  Five and Dime 

Flowy Salted Egg Custard Bun



1 bun contains 222 calories, 30 minutes of cycling (based on 55 kg)

Calories Calculation based on Lirong's recipe

Get yours at: Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Remember to indulge in these gooey wooey goods in moderation, choose your food wisely! Eat well and Live Better.

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[1] Shibata, A., Nakagawa, K., Kawakami, Y., Tsuzuki, T. and Miyazawa, T. (2010) Suppression of gamma-tocotrienol on UVB induced inflammation in HaCaT keratinocytes and HR-1 hairless mice via inflammatory mediators multiple signaling. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 9: 58 (11), pp. 7013-20.