TOKYO Summer PARK! Wants to Turn You into a Tokyoite with These Foods


If you are like our team- hopelessly in love with everything Japanese, then you might want to make a trip down to the CBD district this June! Come 27 June, the Urban Park at Tanjong Pagar Centre will be transformed into a beer garden. Get ready to enjoy bottomless frozen beer, various Japanese street food and experience the summer life of Tokyoites. Oh, did we mention that there will be beer yoga sessions going on too?

Credit: TOKYO Summer PARK!
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the food that will be available at the event. 

Donuts from Haritts Donuts & Coffee

In case you’ve not heard, Haritts Donuts & Coffee is so famous across Japan and Taiwan, that the bakery only produces 300 donuts each day. Unlike the usual donuts, Haritts’ renditions are chewier and less dense and boast a lighter, more subtle sweetness. Do keep an eye out for interesting flavours like Pineapple Cheese, Carrot Honey, and Matcha White Chocolate with Apricot Donut. Staples like Plain, Choco, Cream Cheese, and Matcha will be available too.

Credit: Haritts Singapore

Gyoza & Tendon Special Box from Ramen Keisuke

Fans of Keisuke will be delighted to find delicious itame-mono like gyoza and tendon box from the famous ramen chain at the event. If you do not know, Keisuke’s gyozas come in 3 different flavours and each of them is filled with different Ramen broth for extra flavour. Take your palate on a gastronomic journey with flavours such as Tonkotsu King Gyoza (Pork with Tonkotsu broth), Tori King Gyoza (Chicken with Tori King Ramen broth), and Keisuke Gyoza (Prawn & chicken with Crab ramen broth).

Credit: Little Miss Tam Chiak

Pick the Tendon Special Box, if you’re looking for something more value for money. For a price of SGD 13.90, you get a mixture of prawn, chicken, half-boiled egg and vegetables along with steaming hot Hokkaido rice. We love how light the batter is, as it enables us to taste the freshness and texture of the ingredients. 

Credit: Little Miss Tam Chiak

Assorted Desserts from Okada Coffee & Sweets

Similar to the branches in Japan, event goers can expect to see food like curry rice and sandwiches at Okada’s booth. However, we suggest saving your calories for their desserts, especially the Mont Blanc. Unlike the regular Mont Blanc, where the chestnut puree is piped in a noodle-strand-like fashion, Okada folds the puree into thick sheets to create an almost Christmas tree-like pattern. This allows a creamier and denser texture that is sure to capture your hearts. We are not sure if Okada will be serving coffee at the event, but do order a cup (especially the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1) if they do.

Credit: Seth Lui

Onigiri from SAMURICE

As the saying goes “do not judge the book by its cover”, though the onigiri might look unassuming, yet all the ingredients are imported from Japan; Japanese rice from Niigata, seaweed from Ariake Sea, and shio from Seto Inland Sea. We recommend trying the Chirashi Sushi Onigiri that boasts a pretty mixture of yellow and orange from the egg and salmon flakes respectively.

Credit: Samurice


Remember to quench your thirst with either a glass of Kirin frozen beer or seasonal fruit juices from Kagome Juices. Alternatively, you can look out for samples of Umeshu, and Amazake from Taimastu and Food Japan respectively.

Credit: Centrip Japan

Credit: Anniething
Register for Beer Yoga Session Here!
Inclusive of 2 bottles of Kirin beer, do bring your own yoga mat.
See you there!
Tokyo Summer Park
27th -29th June 2018 (Wednesday to Friday), 4pm-11pm
30th June 2018 (Saturday), 12pm-11pm 
5 Wallich Street, #01-20, S078883