You Got to Add These 8 Locally Inspired Food to Your August’s Wish List


The food scene has started to get truly exciting this August! Besides McDonald’s, other eateries have also jumped on the bandwagon of paying homage to our traditional local fare. All we can say is your taste bud is definitely in for a bonanza. Get ready to unravel the local flavours in our exhilarating food line up.


1. Chilli Crab Hotpot from JPOT

Credit: Today Online

Kiss goodbye to the usual herbal tonic soup or tom yam soup, and welcome the Chilli Crab soup as the soup base for your hotpot. The newly introduced chilli crab soup base is concocted with spices such as lemongrass, belacan and blue ginger, and it’s sure to get you addicted. Don’t rush to finish your soup, the fun part has yet to come. After your meal, a friendly staff will assist you in preparing the actual Chilli Crab dish. Cornstarch is first poured in, followed by an egg, and the soup base (by now a sauce) is mixed thoroughly till it thickens to the right consistency. After a few minutes, you will have yourself a fragrant chilli crab dish! The Chilli Crab Hopot Set retails at $52++ (for 2 pax) and is available until 31st August 2017. 



2. Durian King Pizza from PEZZO

Credit: Instagram/jaslyn_low

This year PEZZO caught us by surprise (in a good way) with its genius creation of the Durian King Pizza. Seriously, we would never have guessed that the combinations of simple ingredients like Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian pulp, condensed milk and mozzarella cheese would produce such mind blowing sensation. In case you’re wondering, the crust is made from imported European flour and active charcoal, which explains its jet black colour. Retails at $5.90 for a slice.

Available from now till mid-august 2017 at all Pezzo outlets except Changi Airport Terminal 2.


3. Poached Chicken Sushi from Lepark

Credit: Daniel Food Diary

Craving for chicken rice, yet don’t feel like stomaching the entire plate of it? How about going for a bite-size version of the dish then? At Lepark, the sushi rice is flavoured with fresh herbs and garlic before getting rolled into the iconic ball shape. Topped with poached chicken, egg floss, cherry tomatoes and a dollop of garlic chilli, the chicken sushi is then perfectly held together with a strip of the nori sheet. Though it might be small in size, trust us when we said it totally tastes like the real deal. Retails at $8 for 5 pieces.

Address: 1 Park Road Level 6 People’s Park Complex, S059108


4. Popiah Sushi from Ofanz Rojak Popiah

Credit: Burpple

At Ofanz Rojak Popiah, the humble popiah undergoes a “Geisha makeover”, and emerged as the Popiah Sushi. Here the popiah is given a “kimono wrap” made with nori sheet and popiah skin, and filled with carrot, turnip and cucumber. Each slice is then garnished with peanut and pork floss, and smeared with the “white foundation”-mayonnaise to complete the look. The result is an Instagram-worthy and innovative twist on the traditional popiah. Our team particularly love the crunchiness and sweet-savoury taste of this humble roll. Retails at $2.80 for a roll.

Address: Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, $01-39, 51 Tampines Ave 4, S 529684


5. Bak Chor Mee from Non-Entree Desserts

Credit: Miss Tam Chiak

While the Bak Chor Mee featured above may look the same as the one you had for lunch earlier on, you’d be surprised to find that it is actually a full-fledged dessert. The signature Bak Chor Mee ($14.90) comes with mango “noodles”, seasoned with aged balsamic vinegar and raspberry “chilli sauce”. And is completed with lovely toppings such as “minced meat”, “pork lard”, “mushrooms” and “fish ball”; which in this case is cleverly crafted from Sesame snow, coconut crumbles, sea coconut and coconut lime parfait respectively.

If you’re still feeling hungry after your noodles, there’s always the “heritage kuehs” (from $9.90 onwards) or “Singapore Breakfast Set” ($13.90) to go to. In case you’re unaware, the egg shell in the breakfast set is edible, so don’t throw it away.

Credits: Burpple; Seth Lui

Address: 204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building, S218451


6. Chendol Delight Cake from Keong Saik Bakery

Credit: Keong Saik Bakery 

Probably the newest addition to the Keong Saik food community, the “Keong Saik Bakery” offers a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe (and cakes) that we can’t help falling in love with. Taste how the local drink (Chendol) transformed into something more decadent with the Chendol Delight Cake ($6.50). Imbued with rich and smooth coconut custard, and layered with red beans and atap seeds, this cake can be highly addictive. 

Other cakes worth trying include the Gula Jawa Sticky Rice (Gula jawa glutinous rice, gula jawa genoise, coconut mousse) and Lucy, a Pandan cheesecake with soya bean mousse. Retails at $5.50 onwards.

Credits: Burpple; Miss Tam Chaik

Address: 41 Keong Saik Road, S 089146


7. Steamed Chilli Crab XLBs from Din Tai Fung


Can we get a loud “Hallelujah”? This year the famous steamed chilli crab XLBs make a grand comeback, and we are getting all heads over heels over it.  Encased within the 18 folds, you will find the generous portion of crab meat, minced pork and savoury crab broth, which is bound to activate an explosion of flavours in your mouths with each bite. And yes, these XLBs are 40% larger in size than their regular Steamed Pork XLBs friends. The yummy XLBs are only available until 31st August 2017, so be quick! Retails at $7.50 for 4 pieces.



8. Laksa Cocktail from Sunday Punch

Credit: Sunday Punch

The laksa cocktail is indeed a God-sent gift for anyone who lives by the motto of savouring the laksa to the very last drop of its gravy. With laksa leaves infused in the concoction of gin, coconut oil, pandan and lime, this intriguing cocktail will definitely send you begging for another sip. Don’t you agree that this is the perfect homage to the famous Katong laksa since dawn? Make your orders online here from now until 30th September 2017. Retails at $68 per bottle.


Healthy Eating Tips

Remember to share these yummy foods with your loved ones, and take your time to savour them. Eating slowly reduces the amount of food you eat at mealtime, and also promotes satiety, thus avoiding taking in excess calories.