How to Help Stroke Wrinkles Right Out of Your Face


Your facial muscles need exercise just as much as the rest of your body. And facial exercises work just like regular muscle exercises.


Credit: Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery suggests the following to keep your face looking young:

  • Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold them for five seconds.
  • Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick your tongue out as far as you can and hold for a few seconds.
  • Using your three center fingers, press down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can to raise your cheek muscles against your fingers.
  • Move your nose as much as you can from side to side.
  • Lift your eyebrows as high as you can, open your eyes as wide as possible and frown at the same time.
  • Pucker your lips out as far as possible into the shape of an "O." Then change your expression into a wide smile. Repeat several times.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips and stick your tongue out as far as possible to exercise your neck muscles.



Dr. Mercola's Comments:

It's a pity that our culture is so into the quick fix, as evidenced by the millions of cosmetic surgeries performed each year in the US alone. However, it’s actually a rare case when consistent application of basic natural therapies isn't sufficient to eliminate the need for these types of surgical interventions.

Although you rarely hear about exercising your face, there’s a surprising amount of information about facial exercising, or “facial yoga,” as many refer to it. It makes perfect sense, of course, and many testify to the power of exercising their facial muscles to keep their face toned and youthful.

Of course, someone with the interest and discipline to perform a facial exercise program on a regular basis may also be more likely to be overall more mindful of leading a healthy, active lifestyle, and this is clearly the number one way to ensure you’re aging as gracefully as humanly possible.


Credit: askmen

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may ward off wrinkles by boosting your skin's natural defenses against sun damage, for example. And clearly, drinking enough water is essential for healthy skin.

I am a major fan of vegetable juicing and do it often when I’m not traveling. You can learn more about this powerful anti-aging tool on my juicing page.

The juicing page is actually quite popular. If you type “juicing” into Google it comes up as the second search result.

Making sure you’re properly hydrated will also aid in combating wrinkles simply because your skin will be more plump and elastic. So there’s plenty you can do to ward off the signs of time on your face, without resorting to more invasive surgical procedures.