Japan and Her Red Light District Bonanza


When you think of Japan, you think of sushi, wagyu beef, sake, Harajuku and everything Kawaii. But a little less known fact about Japan is her nightlife and I’m not just talking about massage parlours, topless bars or strip clubs. It’s something much wilder and the content is way above R21. I’m talking about the land of themed sex clubs, roleplays, gangsters, pimps and male escorts. Ever wondered really goes on inside?

Let me lead you to wonderland.

Themed Sex Clubs

If you were expecting the sort of sex clubs found in American or European cities, you’re definitely in for a surprise. I present to you, Kabukicho – Japan’s largest red light district.

Feast yourselves with what's really happening in Kabukicho on a daily basis right here. Imagine full length mirrors; not just front view, but rear view as well. The ladies are here to please, so feel free to have a good look and feel of what lies ahead, or beneath.

Located in the heart of Shinjuku, there are entire clubs populated by pretend nurses, governesses, secretaries, dominatrix and basically everything you have ever fantasized.

Not to mention naked karaoke, life-size latex dolls, and bathtubs filled with green gel and faux-mermaids.

See what I mean by fulfilling your deepest fantasy? They are fully equipped with not just outfits but the whole setting of a classroom and cabin!

As Tokyo police cracked down on a wave of subway groping, not only are there “women only” cabins in trains, the Kabukicho district has joined in and offered not one but three clubs equipped with immaculately reconstructed train cars filled with short-skirted schoolgirls who won't press charges.

There’s even a giant tank of which businessmen in suits can watch naked girls swim underwater. Guess they don’t wish to dirty their thousand-dollars Armani tux yet enjoy the naked art.

Male Escorts

And as for the ladies, if you think that you are being left out here, you are definitely not. Male escorts services are aplenty in the area as long as you are able to pay. Yes, the reality of it is that money CAN buy love here, a lot of money.

You will find young, able-bodied men lining up "Host Clubs" doing whatever it takes to make their female clientele feel very, very welcome. Ironically, most buyers are in the same business, too. Insiders reckon that about 40 percent of the patrons are hostesses, and another 40 percent work in even more upfront sex trades. The remaining 20 percent are a mix of celebrities, women entrepreneurs, wives of corporate presidents and a smattering of regular workers tough enough to withstand the 1 a.m to 8 a.m hours most clubs keep.

Kakukicho Then & Now

Entering the new millennium, laws were more strictly enforced and patrols became more frequent. These, adding to the installation of fifty closed-circuit cameras in May 2002, reduced criminal activities in Kabukichō, amidst controversy.

In 2004, the police undertook an operation clamping down on illegal clubs and brothels; this caused many to go out of business. Japan is bidding for the 2016 Olympics and that could sound the death knell for Kabukicho.

There is talk of a total clean-up of the area, something that will be resisted by the workers in Kabukicho who have a lot to lose if the entertainment area goes under.

Though the sex industry in Japan have taken a great turn over the years and been cleaned up in the recent time as well, they still very much exist, and will continue to thrive indefinitely, one way or another.

When you say kinky, I say Kabukicho.