Japan's Top 10 Most Popular Occupations


In conjunction with all things Japan this April, let us find out about Japan's Top 10 Most Popular Jobs! Trust me, you will be shocked at what you find on the list! Play safe with teaching, join the extreme with the adult film industry and even learn a skill or two with the chefs or therapists in Japan? In Japan, there is no such thing as being extreme...


Probably not a surprise to many, but Japan is currently the largest pornographic producer in the world, producing more pornography even than the United States with drawn, virtual and of course real pornography. From the producers, directors to the abundance of AV girls wanting to make it big in this market there's no wonder they are the one of the most popular occupation in Japan. Even this 74-year-old man above is making adult film. So much for conservative ideals.


Teaching is actually one of the most common and most sought-after jobs in Japan, and it is especially so if you know the English language. Apparently the Japanese are very keen to learn English now. Maybe that's because they are trying to keep up with their American counterparts.


Back to a less controversial (actually not so true) occupation in Japan, we have the fishermen. With the importance of seafood being one of Japan's staple food (think sashimi and sushi), it is no doubt that we need them to bring back the fins. And just F.Y.I, if you were to google Japanese fisherman, be shocked to see not this kind of pictures above, but fishermen of a much cruel sort. In case you don't already know, the Japanese loves their fish, and by fish I mean - Dolphins and whales.

Legal issues over the hunting of these gentle creatures of the sea have caused a controversy over the years. But when will they really stop hunting? When, and if, they stop eating.


Believe it or not, this IS one of the most popular occupations in Japan! And yes it IS an occupation to begin with! Yakuzas are members of organized crime syndicates, which are heavily involved in sex-related industries such as smuggling uncensored pornography to Europe and America. They also control large prostitution rings across the country.

So there you have it, this is why the adult film industries are so big in Japan. And interestingly enough, the Yakuzas are still considered as semi-legitimate organizations in Japan.


Raise your hands if you're a Manga fan like me! Well honestly due to my busy schedule I can no longer sit and relax one corner with a whole series of Manga in my hands. But I'm sure many of you still do that? I know friends of mine who definitely can't live without Manga.

I remember when I first started I was completely puzzled at how should the orientation be; should I read from the left or from the right? But after I got the hang of it, reading was a piece of cake! Kudos to Manga writers as one of our top 10 most popular jobs in Japan!


In Japan, pretty girls are dime a dozen, and they are high in demand. Especially Japanese girls as they are sweet looking and are petite in size. It makes them desirable and men easily personify them as sex objects.


Well there's a job for everyone everywhere no? Being on a reality show requires a lot of skill and talent too. I think this is especially so if you're the host. To capture the audience one episode after episode is not an easy task. What is your favourite Japanese gameshow ever?


Sotai is a Japanese form of muscular or movement therapy which was invented by Keizo Hashimoto, a Japanese doctor. He developed a model of treatment that was based on returning natural body alignment by working with the breath and moving toward comfort rather than adjusting toward pain. And since then, it has become one of most popular healing therapies in Japan, thus the occupation.


For a country as technologically advanced as Japan, expect to see robots that look like real human beings and do everything like us too. That is thanks to our 9th most popular occupation in Japan, the engineers.


We already know that Japan is a food paradise with all that Wagyu beef, sake, sashimi and Teppanyaki. But little do you guys know that probably every man in this country can whip up a sumptuous meal? And many of them would opt to work as a disciple to great chefs all over the country to learn the art of cooking specialty dishes, and eventually open a restaurant of their own.