5 Reasons Why Sinopec Petrol Service Station Is Worth Visiting


For many drivers, mention petrol service stations and they will think of a touch-and-go stop with nothing much to tease their senses; once in a while, they might use the dark and damp restrooms at the back of the station or grab a snack to munch on in the car.

Sinopec Singapore

If that’s the imagery you have of service stations too, new kid on the block Sinopec will throw it out of your mind and have you think otherwise. Sinopec, a super-large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group which planted its first service station on our sunny shores earlier this year, is a welcoming rest stop so beautiful it’ll fuel up your excitement as you fuel up your car.

Here are 5 reasons we love this red hot stop!


1. New X Card for fuel rewards

Sinopec officially launched its X card this month,  upping the game in the local petroleum industry with a loyalty programme that allows you to exchange points for fuel vouchers. 

Every dollar you spend on fuel purchase earns you points; 90 points shaves $3 off your fuel spend. To sweeten this deal in celebration of the launch of the X Card, Sinopec is doubling the rewards from now till 20 December 2019. Check out the table below for details.

Sinopec Singapore X Card Rewards

Be rewarded when you fuel up at Sinopec.


This rewards programme is valid even with the daily and periodical promotions (see point 2 below). Isn’t this the perfect reason to visit Sinopec every time you need to fuel up? 

Signing up is fast and easy; simply visit any Sinopec service station, fill up a form and you’ll receive your X Card on the spot. 

Sinopec Singapore X Card Rewards


2. Promotions and upfront discounts 

We love that Sinopec offers daily fuel promotions – 18% discount for all customers, and up to 24% savings with OCBC 365 credit card and 20% with any other OCBC credit card. For private hire vehicle owners, there’s a 25% off for Grab and Lalamove drivers at all Sinopec service stations, and 24% and 23% off for Grabhitch drivers at its Bukit Timah and Yishun service station respectively.

The deal gets even better during promotional periods – 23% on-the-spot instant discount! And if you’re lucky, you get a gift with every $50 spent on fuel. 

If you love shopping, check out the available purchase-with-purchase discounts for beverages and munchies. Our current favourite is a Travel Blue Mini Bag 32L at only $7 (worth $14.90) with every $50 gross spend on fuel from now till 31 December 2019. 


3. Bright and new

There’s no way you can miss Sinopec, not just because of its strategic locations at Bukit Timah and Yishun, but also because of the dazzling illumination of every corner of the station. The photo below speaks for itself.

The space is also clean, neat and spacious, and within its convenience store, EasyJoy, is a corner where you can take a break from your drive and enjoy a cuppa. Double thumbs up for its ambience! 

Sinopec Singapore


4. SINO X Power fuel

At the top of Sinopec’s fuel tier is SINO X Power, a premium fuel that enhances your car's performance and efficiency. It features friction modifier which enhances the engine's efficiency by reducing friction between the piston rings and cylinder liners. Additionally, it contains a cleaning additive which removes deposits on the inlet valves, thereby improving performance.

Here are some reviews on the fuel quality that we found on Sinopec’s Facebook Page.

Sinopec Singapore 

Sinopec Singapore

Reviews on Facebook


5. Awesome amenities

While restrooms at petrol stations are hardly associated with comfort, we can vouch that those at Sinopec are awesome. Bright, dry and pleasant-smelling, you wouldn’t mind spending a minute longer in them. Plus, there’s more than one cubicle for each gender, so there’s no need to run for the toilet when you really, really need it. 

Besides filling up your petrol tank, you can fill up your shopping bag at EasyJoy, which is well-stocked with a variety of snacks, drinks, food-to-go and groceries. 

Sinopec Singapore EasyJoy Mart

It’s a joy to shop in Sinopec’s retail store EasyJoy.


And if your car needs a shower, there’s a car wash service going at $7 for Private Hire Vehicles, $9 for Sedan cars and $12 for MPVs/ Large Cars/ Vans.

With great fuel, service, staff and ambience, it is no wonder Sinopec is our go-to whenever our cars (or ourselves) need a break! Check out Sinopec for yourself today and experience the difference! Don’t forget to get your X Card while you’re there!


Sinopec is located at:

  1. Bukit Timah service station (623A Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269733) 
  2. Yishun service station (301 Yishun Avenue 1, Singapore 769141)