IP T&T Fair 2019


Korean Intellectual Property Office held the Korea-ASEAN IP T&T (Transaction and Transfer) Fair at COEX, Seoul, November 27 at 10 AM Wednesday, attended by representatives and businessmen from ASEAN invention-related government and private organizations.

IP T&T Fair 2019

Credit: Aving News 

In this fair, a contract for technology transfer between a Korea SME and a large Vietnamese company and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation between the Korea Invention Promotion Association and invention promotion organizations in five ASEAN member countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) was concluded.

Many companies showcased their new products at the exhibition and here are some of the interesting products that we spotted.


Tongil Pocket Case

Those small and portable sprays you bring with you as mouth sprays or those that you hold your perfume with, that's what Tongil Pocket case deals with, but theirs are just upgraded versions of what we usually have.

While traditional atomizers have separate caps, and you need to use both hands to uncap them before using, Tongil Pocket Case atomizers allow you to use just one hand to use it. On top of that, you don't even need to locate the opening before spraying the breath freshener into your mouth, or the perfume onto your clothes. The best part? It comes in an ergonomic design that looks very classy too.

Find your atomizer at all Sasa stores in Singapore.


HEATMAX Heating Board

While Singapore residents do not require a heater at home since we are always complaining more about the heat than the cold, some information about heaters wouldn't hurt, especially if you are planning to stay in the colder countries for a while, or if you have family and friends who are residing abroad. 

A new concept heating system, HEATMAX Heating Board is unlike the heaters that we usually see. Its thickness ranges from 1.5cm to 1.8cm and fits perfectly into your home decor without being an eyesore. What's more, it comes in many colours for you to choose from, is eco-friendly, and reduces 50% of energy usage.

HEATMAX Heating Board IP T&T Fair 2019

HEATMAX Heating Board is easy to install and uses a unique heating technology with infrared rays that don't dry out the air It comes in different sizes to fit different room sizes. The best part, HEATMAX Heating Board is very affordable, with its price ranging from USD$90 to USD$150. 

To know more about them, head over to


PRAIM Kitchen Equipment

PRAIM is one of the leading companies in South Korea that provides kitchen solutions for commercial purposes, covering various models from smaller models for cafes, to bigger ones for restaurants, hospitals, or even government buildings.

PRAIM Commercial Kitchen Equipment Korea

PRAIM Oven series


PRAIM's product line-ups focus primarily on commercial dishwashers, steam convection ovens, and steam rice cookers. Their items highly efficient and save more energy as compared to the others in the market. According to the brand representative, Singapore representatives have already visited their factory to view their equipment.

Find out more about their PRAIM's kitchen equipment on their website:



Ever seen those cute robots roaming around the hotels, doing the job of the bellboy or bringing your food orders to your door? We met the manufacturer of one of these robots, and we were super impressed when the brand representative showed us what it can do.

ZETA-BOT Korea IP T&T Fair 2019

ZETA-BOT can be customised and programmed to suit your business needs. For example, it can be programmed to welcome visitors at the door or reception, measure air quality and purify the air, sense temperature changes in patients in the case of a hospital, transport materials like in the case of a hotel room service, and even translate different languages with voice recognition technology.

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