MyFatPocket's Team Bonding: Our Art Jamming Experience at Arteastiq


Movies? KTVs? Potluck sessions? Are you running out of ideas for things to do together with your friends and family, or even a team bonding session with your colleagues?

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas 

MyFatPocket was planning a team bonding session recently and we were cracking our heads to find an activity that was fun, yet at the same time, bonds the team. When art jamming came up as a suggestion, we all agreed and were excited since most of us haven't tried it before. 


Our team bonding task

Since it was going to be a team bonding session, we up the challenge for the team. We wrote the names of everyone on slips of paper and drew lots. And instead of painting something for ourselves, we were then supposed to draw something for the colleague that we got when we drew lots. We had to think hard, or find out what he or she likes, and decide on what to paint as a gift for him or her.


Art jamming at Arteastiq

Our team headed over to Arteastiq at Plaza Singapura for our art jamming team bonding session. Many of us were pretty worried that we wouldn't know what to do since we weren't exactly artists to begin with, or had any kind of artistic sense in us. 

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

We were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff at Arteastiq, and they showed us to our individual easels. Each of us was given a set of new brushes, and all the paints were conveniently placed below the easel. There was also a wash area in the room so that we don't have to walk all the way to the toilet just wash our hands or brushes.

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

Some of us even walked around, trying to guess which painting was for us!


With that, even the most fearful one amongst us got started with our paintings. At the end of the session, every single one of us successfully completed an artwork that was painted with our colleague in mind.

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

William hard at work


Regardless of whether we painted before or not, once we sat down, everyone managed to sketch something and everything came to us naturally. For a moment, even I, someone who always fails art in school, thought that I was an artist! (Oops!)


Our artwork

Seeing is believing. Just take a look at all our final artwork! Some of them looked so professional!

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

We stood in a circle and gave our paintings to our colleague, and one by one, explained the meaning behind the paintings we did and why we painted that for them. Each one of us received a gift of love and everyone had a great time.

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

Paintings exchanged! We were all holding paintings that were lovingly painted for us by our dear colleagues.


Dinner at Arteastiq

While Arteastiq is known for their fun art jamming sessions, you shouldn't miss grabbing a meal there. Their menu features an eclectic range of creative and comforting dishes created by Arteastiq’s head chef, Chef Yip. We proceeded to have our team dinner at Arteastiq at Plaza Singapura, and there was a wide variety of food choices to suit our different palates.

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

Arteastiq carries a range of aromatic tea that comes with fragrant tea biscuits. We highly recommend their Lychee tea that was a favourite in the team.

From all-day brunch menu to pasta, meat and seafood dishes, to Asian delights and desserts, there will definitely be something for you. We ordered different dishes to share and our taste buds certainly weren't disappointed.

Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

The Gardener’s Spade – Truffle Carbonara 


Art Jamming Singapore Arteastiq Team Bonding Ideas

French Affection – Ribeye


Our team had a fun and therapeutic art jamming session and a hearty and scrumptious meal at Arteastiq. If you too are looking for a unique activity to do for your gatherings with your family and friends, or a team bonding session with your colleagues, you may want to try an art jamming session. Call Arteastiq to book a session at any of their three outlets and you can definitely look forward to an afternoon of fun.


Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery
Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897
For Boutique Tea House reservation: 6235 8370 / SMS to 8120 4659
For enquiries & reservation on Art Jam: 6235 8705

Arteastiq Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Rd #03-70/72, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
For Boutique Tea House reservation: 6336 0951 / SMS to 9015 5936
For enquiries & reservation on Art Jam: 6336 0952

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For Bistro reservation: 6243 1987