Made Real Is S'Pore's New Monthly Snack Box for Our Long-Suffering Bodies


We modern humans have a strange and often destructive relationship with our bodies. Too fat, too skinny, imperfect, ugly — these are epithets that we’ve all hurled at ourselves, or others, at some point in time. The causes of our cultural body-image distortion may be debatable, but the results are self-evident: In Singapore, one in 15 girls is at risk of developing an eating disorder and anecdotally, there is a rising trend of males at risk as well.

Amidst this cloud of negativity, two girls in Singapore are determined to take on a gargantuan task: to empower our generation with a positive self- and body-image.

Made Real — What is it?

Launched by local undergraduates Roslyn and Robin in January this year, Made Real is a social enterprise which aims to promote a healthy body image through three things: balanced eating, fitness, and happiness.

Robin and Roslyn, co-founders of Made Real

Made Real’s ambition, the two twenty-year-olds say, is to help Singaporeans to “be better versions of themselves”. Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a full-on couch potato, or someone with health difficulties, Made Real is dedicated to shaping a community where taboos relating to body-image don’t exist. At the same time, the girls also want to take on the pervasive problem of body-image dissatisfaction in our society, while rallying support for a balanced lifestyle.

All that sounds like a rather tough order to accomplish. But this driven duo plans to do it, one healthy snack box at a time.

From Social Movement to Social Enterprise

Made Real started out last year as just a social movement, Roslyn says, but “we soon realized that this was not enough… There was so much potential for Made Real to grow as a health and wellness brand with a social mission.”

At first, their focus was on spreading awareness about body image disorders — scroll through the Made Real website and you’ll be moved by the deeply personal stories of ex-sufferers featured there. To ensure sustainability, however, the Made Real team decided to angle their business model towards providing healthy, yet affordable snacks.

Credit: Made Real

We snack for various reasons: when we’re hungry, yes, but also when we’re bored, angry, sad, and so on. That’s not even mentioning the huge amount of deliciously unhealthy snacks on the market; it’s oh-so-easy to slide into eating what’s bad for your body. Which is why Made Real’s subscription-based specialty product, Oh-Goodies!, can go a long way towards encouraging us to treat our long-suffering bodies better.

Essentially, Oh-Goodies! is a healthy snack package conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Prices range from S$23.50 for a one-month membership to $253.50 for a year. Nutritious snacks don’t sound too exciting, but the packages are uniquely curated each month to feature a wide spectrum of locally and regionally produced snacks.

And that’s not all: Roslyn reveals that from their March Edition: Think Spring! box onwards, each package will be sweetened with inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.

“[The boxes] will include a snippet of an inspiring story of recovery from disordered eating, or of simply achieving greater health. We feature a different fitness service each month. This month (March), all our subscribers get a free personal training session. We also offer nutritional, fitness, and happiness or self-love tips — which covers our three core values.

The plan is to make achieving a more positive self- and body-image fun and achievable.”

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