Mies Container Restaurant – South Korea’s Hooters for Women


‘Mies Container’ is a strange name for a restaurant. But its theme is unique and refreshing – factory-style décor and extremely good-looking male waitstaff.

Photo: Mies Container 

Photo: Baby, U Are Very Kissable 

Photo: Botalu 

The restaurant, located in Gangnam District – one of Seoul’s most hip locations – has been dubbed ‘Hooters for Women’. In a city where people are not exactly known for their patience, Koreans are actually waiting in endless lines outside Mies Container – that’s how popular it has become. And about nine out of ten customers are always women!

The atmosphere inside Mies pretty much screams one word – Macho. The open loft structure is constructed like a factory, with the slogan ‘Wipe and Tighten and Oil!’ written on the wall in Korean. They even have numbered construction helmets to identify orders. All the waiters are young and hot (and male), and overly friendly towards customers, especially women.

One waiter was overheard telling a customer: ‘You have excellent taste in picking from the menu.’ Handsome men who are attentive and appreciative? No wonder this place is a hit with the ladies. And the customers aren’t exactly bashful while returning the compliments. There’s a wall right next to the cashier filled with little notes like: ‘Dear hot waiter, please marry me!’ – that’s just one of the decent ones. 

But Mies Container’s isn’t doing well only because of its choice of employees. The restaurant has been winning rave reviews on pricing, taste, serving size, service, and ambience. In fact, the interiors won the Reddot Design Award, which is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, last October. Since it is almost impossible to find a stylish restaurant serving delectable food at affordable prices in Gangnam, its popularity has practically hit the roof. 

Despite its gorgeous waiters, a Mies representative asserted that they do not employ people based on looks. Instead, they look for men who are energetic and masculine. “We don’t discriminately hire staff based on their looks. We agree to some extent about the comparison to Hooters. But we exhibit quality dishes, friendlier service and trendier design.” 

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