My Step-by-step Foolproof Tai Tai Plan


When I was given the very sacred task to find out just how we can all be a tai-tai, I was thrilled. I mean, don't you want to wake up in a pool-side villa, have breakfast in bed everyday, sip on champagne and wonder when is the next red carpet event you need to attend? I DO (raise both hands up frantically)! So after much research and debate, I have come up with the fool-proof plan to become the ultimate tai tai. Disclaimer: Results vary, no gurantees included.

If you were thinking that getting knocked up by a rich guy or marrying a dying 90-year-old man like Anna Nicole Smith did would be the easy way out, I suggest you try out my plan first. You won’t want to get dumped by him and have to raise a child of your own right? Or be a widow in less than 2 years and realised that he didn’t leave you anything in his will? And since most of the richest men on Forbes' list are married, we have to take our time here. No, being a mistress is not an option. NEVER settle for second best ladies.Trust me, if you want to be the ultimate tai tai, do it in style and make sure it works out the way you want it.

Here's my step-by-step guide:

1. Get a degree

I have already warned you that in order to be the ultimate tai-tai, hard work is required. Getting a good education is definitely one of them. If you thought that was enough, it’s not! We are talking about getting A’s and B’s for every semester, best if you can get a 4.9GPA. With a polished education, getting a high-paying job would be as easy as ABC. Behind every successful man, we have the smart and sophisticated wife and it could be you. And if it's not the rich man that you are aiming for, think dollars baby. Degree holders naturally get a better deal.

2. Get a well-paid job (and if you have yet done so, it's time to work smarter, not harder)

Let us picture this scenario: Lady A has a $4000/month banker position, versus Lady B who works as an admin assistant in the same bank for $1600/month. Who will instantly stand out? Lady A. Who can afford to dress up and go for head-to-toe grooming monthly with very little left to pinch? Lady A. Who is more likely to have career opportunities? Lady A. Who has more luxury to travel more and meet people from all over the world? Lady A. This is pretty much self-explanatory, in order to climb up the social ladder, you got to start off with the corporate one first. Yes, you will need to put in time and effort. But if it pays off and pays off well, isn't it all worth it?

3. Networking

It is very important to mix with the right crowd who will bring out the best in you. Once you step into the workforce, you tend to mix around with your colleagues more than your friends from college. When they ask you out for a drink or two, try not to reject as you may not know what will be the outcome of the night. This is how you broaden your social circle, by simply being present. Let your friends know that you are not just a bore and all about your work, that you do have a life outside the office as well. Keep your close circle of friends small, but maintain a wide circle of superficial friends. Yes, simply because there's no harm in knowing more people.

4. Do your homework.

Know your target group well enough. If you are going to be in this upper class circle, you need to know the latest fashion, the hottest gossips, what's the newest property on the market and who's with who. And most importantly, know the names and faces of prominent people of the moment. You never know when you just might bump into them at a big event and missed the chance of being acquainted.

5. Make yourself stand out the right way.

Nothing makes you more attractive than your confidence. Carry yourself in front of others with elegance and poise and you have already won half the battle. Avoid drawing negative attention to you, such as being loud, getting drunk at parties, flirting with everyone that crosses your path, or cursing. Gossip always spread like wild fire no matter where you go, especially the bad ones. You won't want to meet your ideal man and his first comment about you is what you did at the bar the other night right? Be sophisticated and have excellent manners. Set yourself apart from the others and you are bound to capture the eyes of that one prince charming.

6. Meeting Mr. Right

Finally, it all boils down to fate. Yes you heard me, I said FATE. Before you start screaming at me for not making any sense here, listen. You can never predict who you will meet along the way or who will eventually be THE ONE. But if you had followed the steps above, it is more likely that you will be one step (or five) closer to meeting your dream lover and becoming a tai-tai.

I have taught you what I could, now it's all up to your will power babes. Don't need to thank me now, just remember to invite me to your princess-style wedding!