10 Things Singaporean Men Want in Bed


Great love making doesn’t happen automatically, and very often, local men don’t like voicing out what they want in bed. In order to ensure your Singaporean man is completely satisfied in bed each time, there are a few things which you want to do.

Credit: Thought Catalog

1. Enjoy yourself.

It’s an ego thing, and he feels he’s making you feel good, then he feels good about it! Few women think it’s good enough for them to just be naked in the bed & great mating will happen. However, this is not the actual case. You need to be open both physically as well as mentally by giving yourself in the physical pleasure which you feel while ensuring your mind is involved in the pleasure too.

2. Know his fantasy & allow him to indulge in it

– till the time it’s something you’re comfortable with & won’t end up affecting your relationship. Does he have a schoolgirl fetish? Then do roleplay. Perhaps it’s a challenging sex position that he once saw in a magazine, ask him about it and try to make it happen. Exploration is fun!

3. Use sex toys while making love with your partner.

Know what type of toys he enjoys using or seeing you use and include it in your couple time. It might end up being something which you’ll derive plenty of pleasure from.

4. Do a striptease for your man.

Ensure you’ve lit up a few scented candles & put on a soft background music. While dancing for him, touch his pleasure spots & try to tease him a bit. Don’t allow him to touch you even if he wishes to, till you’re completely naked.

5. Ask him whether he wants to see you masturbate...

& let him know he should watch silently until the end as if he was watching you through a window. The excitement and tension will most probably drive you and your partner into a rage which only a great orgasm will satisfy.

6. Initiate the sex.

Many times, men tend initiate the mating even to a point they start feeling like it has become one of their jobs. Don’t leave it all up to him, take the reigns some times. It can be a huge turn on if you initiate sex.

7. Blindfold yourself.

Such a willingness to surrender as well as to trust him totally can raise his sexual experience to a new point.

8. Change your positions.

Men enjoy variety hence break the routine by exploring new positions which’ll offer him more pleasure. Get a book, scour the internet and each of you write down 3 positions you would like to try. Then over the course of the next few weeks, try one new position each time.

9. Explore new erogenous points of your partner’s body.

A man's nipples are sensitive to touch, hence let him feel special by providing those additional sensations. Don’t forget the back of his neck, collarbone, inner thigh, there’s so many areas to stimulate.

10. Let him know the things you enjoy during sex.

Men feel great about love making when their partner lets them know their sweet spot. So don’t lie there like a corpse and expect him to read your mind…. Because most men can’t!