3 Embarrassing Times Singapore Made the World's Sex Headlines


Once upon a time, some decades ago, if you mentioned Singapore and Sex, the world’s biggest gang bang featuring Annabel Chong would come to mind. I can’t say I’m particularly proud of that… but at least it had a good shock appeal. However, more current news about sex in Singapore revolves around how embarrassingly frigid a nation we are.

Credit: BBC UK

Here are my top 3 most embarrassing times Singapore made the world’s sex headlines:

1. Sexpo

Sexpo = Sex Expo !! Woah!!!

But hold your horses. When other countries boast having a sex fair, it’s actually of the Adult variety.. So nudity, porn, all the raunchy stuff. But when Singapore has one, it’s actually meant for projecting “a more relaxed attitude towards sex and tackle a declining birth rate by bringing sexuality into the open.”


At Sexpo, nudity was banned, sex toys could not be dangerously large or overly resemble any bodily organs and the "Bedroom" section was strictly restricted to the over-21s. And if you actually went to a Sexpo, most of the crowd was made up of dirty ah peks oogling and taking pictures of the Sexpo ‘models’.

Ugh! Way to go Singapore, telling the world that our citizens need a whole sex fair in order to boost birth rates. (How is that really even linked to actually wanting babies anyway?!)

Source: Telegraph UK

2. We are a bunch of Homophobe

Prostitution is legal here… but if you’re a gay couple, it’s illegal for you to have sex with your partner.

Human rights groups have condemned a Singapore court's decision that a law banning gay sex is constitutional. We want to be known as an inclusive society where people get by based on their own merits and yet we deny gay citizens' rights. So much for equality and non-discrimination!

Source: BBC UK

3. Our one-armed pimp

Most recently in the headlines is our one-armed para athlete who represented Singapore at the Commonwealth Games and ASEAN Para Games (and is also a motivational speaker!).

In June this year, Adam Kamis (also known as “Adam OneArmRunner”) was found guilty of child trafficking and recruiting women for prostitution. He recruited 34 women into the sex trade, including a girl as young as 16 years old.

He would “interview” the women in his Yishun flat, when his wife was not at home.

Adam told the women to strip, so he could “inspect the condition of their bodies”. To prove that they were indeed willing to provide sexual services, Adam would “try out” the women by having sex with them. And if they did not perform well, he would need to have sex with them again for further verification.

He’s supposed to be a national athlete and a role model. What a shame!