3 Sex Stuff He Won’t Tell You (But You Have to Know)


Women, we talk too much, share too much, write too much. Men, however, are more obscure. While the internet has created women’s sexuality a topic of discussion, we are reluctant to address guys outside of the typical stereotypes. In fact, even our men themselves are not as forthcoming with such information.

Credit: Glamour 

Here are some stuff about his sexuality which often go unaddressed, but you definitely need to know.


He’s not that confident of his body either

According to surveys, men are closely matched to women when it comes to body image issues. A survey published by new look found that 30% of British males reported they feel unhappy with their bodies, near the exact similar percentage as the 35% of ladies who feel the similar way. Amazingly, researchers found that more females reported confidence in their appearance than males, at respective data if 37-35%. The most usual reasons males felt they did not measure-up were their body fat, waist size, height, and the lack of muscles. And of course - Penis size!


Ask before you play with his nipples

For women, it’s easy… most of us get stimulated when our nipples are tweaked, caressed, sucked and touched. It is a big turn on. But for men, nipple play is tricky. Some men cannot get enough of it, while others recoil in horror when you tweak theirs. For some men, playing with his nipples does absolutely nothing for them at all.


Men want to cuddle too

Gender stereotyping causes us to believe that men don’t like (and shouldn’t like) to cuddle. But ask any man how it feels to be cuddled? It actually feels pretty damn good. Cuddling makes them feel wanted and appreciated. So don’t leave post-coitus cuddling out of your bedroom.