3 Sex Trends of Past Eras


In this generation, with the likes of Miley Cyrus gyrating with her vagina hanging out… we think we are more sexually open minded and adventurous than previous generations. In fact, when we think of our parents (or grand parents) having sex, it must have been prudish, conservative, and very missionary. Newsflash… my dear millennials, generations of the past have actually been even more kinkier and open to sex than you are!

Here are 3 sex trends of the past which would put 50 Shades of Grey to shame.


Lipstick Blowjobs

All the way back in the day, in ancient Egypt, wearing red lipstick meant you’re open to oral sex. Egyptian women advertised their oral prowess by coloring their lips, and were eager to show off their skills to members of the opposite sex. I bet this is hardly what women today are suggesting when they paint their pouts red, we are such prudes!


Orgasm is What the Doctor Ordered

In Victorian times, women who went to the doctor with any mental or physical ailments would be prescribed an orgasm as a cure. And this would then be administered by the doctor himself, using a vibrator. So whenever you pick up a vibrator today, just remember, you have your Victorian ancestors to thank for inventing this contraption.


Everyone Spanking

BDSM is nothing new nor is it exclusive to this current generation. Bondage began all the way back in the 1950s. And it hit mainstream in the 1980s- 1990s, with the appearance of S&M clubs which was basically a mass orgy of people spanking each other. Christian Grey’s Red Room is child’s play compared to what folks had in the past.

So when you look at past generations, be humbled by the fact that when it came to sex, they had it going on kinkier, and harder, and faster than any of us!