3 Super Embarrassing but Common Sex Questions. Answered.


When it comes to sex and our bodies, we are often too embarrassed to ask questions for fear of being judged. But did you know that a lot of our questions are pretty common questions on everyone’s minds? Here are 3 super embarrassing ones, answered. You’re welcome  :)


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Is it normal that I only get turned on by women in porn?

Yes! It is actually perfectly normal for straight women like myself to get turned on more by images and videos of sexy naked women than sexy naked men. I don’t need a penis in porn to be sexually aroused and very often, the sight of a naked woman’s body is more appealing to me. While men’s sexual arousal matches their sexual orientation, for women, our porn viewing habits are not reflective of our sexual preference or orientation.


Will my vagina get bigger after having a baby?

Yes and no. After a natural delivery, the vaginal opening can be between 1 to 4 centimetres bigger than it was before. It can go back to your pre-delivery size, depending on the size of the baby, how dedicated you are to doing Kegel exercises, and how well your gynea stitched up your tear (if at all). While the opening of the vagina can be stitched back to pre-delivery size (or even smaller!), the vaginal muscles will feel a little slacker than before. For the muscles to tone up and for your vagina to feel a little less ‘roomier’, you will need to do Kegels.


How different does sex feel after a Brazilian?

Not different at all to be honest. That is if you’re talking about penis in vagina, that feels exactly the same. The difference is mostly felt during oral sex. This is because there’s more lip to skin contact, and fewer distractions around the area so he can zero in on your clit. Plus he doesn’t have to deal with stray pubic hairs in his teeth (or throat!). The biggest difference of all is psychological. I think being hairless down there, for a woman, feels sexier, cleaner and vulnerable because it's exposed.