5 Cities in Japan to Explore with Your Partner


Japan has dependably been a well known holiday destination for foreign travelers, however a year ago saw a record number of travelers visit its shores. This can likely be ascribed to a weaker yen and facilitating of visa necessities for explorers from some Asian nations, however I additionally think the nature of the attractions and sights on offer attracts the vacationers too.

Credit: Shakunetsu no Kimono

The Japanese government has additionally attempted to build the measure of guests to Japan by means of different limited time crusades. Boosting tourism has been one of the foundations of Prime Minister Abe's development methodology for Japan. Here is the list of 5 cities in Japan to explore with your partner.



Bustling Tokyo. You'll most likely either love it or disdain it, however there's little space in the middle of for this spot. What makes Tokyo so unique in my eyes is straightforward: the general population.

With more than 13 million individuals walking its lanes consistently, the capital of Japan certainly has a spirit and different identities. Best places to see my point legitimized are a stop at Shibuya and a walk around Yoyogi Park on a Sunday.

For a romantic evening out, I recommend New York Bar on the top of the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku. It has good food, drinks, a great ambience and jazz music.Go at sunset to enjoy the romantic view.




In case you're truly enthused about looking at the genuine society and the inception of Japan, we prescribe you to straightforwardly go to Kyoto as opposed to heading off to the metropolitan city, Tokyo. Old Japanese air still waits on in this city and you can see a lot of holy places, sanctuaries, and other authentic landmarks. Kiyomizu Temple is an unquestionable requirement visit place in Kyoto. It is especially romantic during the autumn leaf season in the second half of November. Kiyomizu Temple is a gigantic Buddhist sanctuary made of wood however not one nail is utilized as a part of the development. You can partake in the Japanese Tea Ceremony or Zazen (Zen practice) to comprehend and get genuine Japanese experience. While you're strolling in the Gion area, for instance, you could experience a Geisha or two in case you're fortunate.



Credit: Kansai World

Osaka is the second greatest city in Japan furthermore surely understood as a city of trade and Japanese food. Contrasted and the modern city of Tokyo, you'll feel to a greater extent a downtown air in Osaka. Really individuals from Osaka are extremely enthusiastic and fiery, and its unique society is steady with this encompassing. Chiefly, there are two noteworthy financial parts in Osaka, one called "Kita" (implies North) and another called "Minami" (which means South). Kita region has an advanced picture and you can skim through the upscale shops and shopping center close to the Osaka primary station or along Midosuji Boulevard.




Nikko National Park is home to probably the most luxuriously finished sanctuaries and sanctums in Japan and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. A long way from the tempered customary Japanese structural style, the structures here are plated and enhanced in overabundance. It is a delightful and one of a kind sight. The ways interfacing the sanctuaries are surrounded by a timberland of goliath cedar trees, no less great than the man-made structures. The entire complex can be seen in roughly 3 hours, yet it takes a 2-hour train ride from Tokyo and a really long stroll from the station to the recreation center.




Individuals who visit this island say that it doesn't look like Japan, obviously not. That is on the grounds that Okinawa used to be an autonomous kingdom called "Ryukyu" until 1879. In this way, the way of life, custom, philosophy, and even the general population are truly distinctive and even now you can in any case see these distinctions in the city. There is inexhaustible nature with the tropical climate and delightful shorelines including numerous regular parks and islands, and exquisite and novel creatures.

For a romantic getaway, take your partner to Mibaru beach, located on the south eastern shore of Okinawa Honto. It is a pristine beach with shallow water that stretches about two kilometers long.