5 Ideas to Prank Your Man


Laughter keeps a relationship fun and lively. And what better month to prank your other half than April! For inspiration, check out this list of pranks perfect for couples… but be warned, if you prank him, be prepared to get pranked back!



Change his ringtone to something embarrassing


Credit: Freepik

Pick an embarrassing song, assign it as your personal ringtone. Be sure to put his phone off silent mode and crank up the ringtone volume too. Now ring him while he’s at a work meeting or while he’s out in public with you. .


Put talcum powder in the hair dryer


Credit: Youtube FaZe Adapt

If he blow dries his hair after a shower, prank him by placing some baby powder into the hair dryer nozzle. When he switches it on (facing his head lol), he will be engulfed by a cloud of talc!


In his face nightmare


But now, you do it instead of him! /Credit: Youtube De'arra & Ken 4 Life 

Put a scary (like Scream) mask on. While he is sleeping, lie beside him and gently shake him, gradually shaking harder and faster and whisper really loudly right up close to his face.


Fill a snack box with vegetables

Credit: Blogspot

Get a box of his favourite snacks, empty the contents and replace it with something he hates eating. For instance, fill a Krispy Kreme doughnut box with bean sprouts. Leave it somewhere for him to find.


Scare them with a printout


Credit: ebaumsworld

Print out a scary character, like Sadako, Freddy Kreuger or that puppet from SAW. Make it as close to life-sized as possible (huge!). Now leave it at a spot which would scare the living daylights out of him. You could station it against the window, half peeping out from behind the curtains. Or set it up in the bathroom while your man has already fallen asleep for the night. What a nice surprise!