5 Sexiest Underwear to Have


Look in your underwear drawer, is it a mini Victoria’s Secret boutique in there or something you’d actually be embarrassed for someone else to see? Oh girls, we have all been there (including myself)... settling into the comfortable rut that is plain cotton granny panties. Especially after marriage and a baby, my underwear drawer quite quickly became less and less filled with G-string and lacy pieces, and more and more crammed with boring panties… and then even worse still… old, ratty (but comfy!) cotton panties.

This year, I’ve thrown out the disgusting ones (lol) and made space in my drawer for these 5 types of underwear which I find sexy and attractive yet very wearable and comfortable. Add these 5 types to your underwear drawer too. Get out of the ugly underwear rut. Afterall, if it’s not there, you won’t wear it right? Hopefully, you’ll put on one of these instead:


1. Fun Print Panties

These can be loud statement pieces with a crazy print pattern (neon pink leopard print, maybe?), a panty with a cheeky quote (my favourite is one with a Super Mario mushroom and the words Eat Me and I’ll Make You Grow), or even one with a cute cartoon character, for the little girl in all of us. It’s just as comfortable and everyday wearable as your plain cotton panties, but a whole lot less ugly.


2. Boy Shorts

These are the cute, sexy and feminine versions of men’s boxer briefs. Boy shorts give a lot of coverage but can be ultra sexy because they are sporty and don’t look like granny panties. They are great to wear to bed with just a singlet or t-shirt. You can get ones in full lace, just a lace trim (usually around the waistband) or a plain one in a solid colour looks great too.


3. G-strings

Invest in a few pairs of comfortable G-strings or thongs, they are comfortable if you buy the right size and style. Yes, with the fabric technology we have these days, we can get away with wearing seamless panties and not have any visible panty lines… but sans clothes, there’re a few things more visually appealing than a pert butt in a G-string. Men are extremely visual. The smaller the underwear and the more they can see, the more they like it.


4. Lycra Lace

Lace has always been a timeless classic which oozes sex appeal… but no one wants to wear stiff or scratchy lace underwear. With underwear made of lycra lace, you get the comfort of a cotton panty combined with the beauty and elegance of lace.


5. Seamless

This is a must-have. Get it in nude, black and a sexy colour like red. These will be your staples. It’s comfortable to wear and yet gives no visible panty line (VPL) under the tightest or sheerest outfits (but of course don’t wear the red ones under a white dress).

So you see, ladies, with these 5 options, there’s no excuse for granny panties, even on your crummiest days. Banish those ugly underwear from your drawer and you won’t make the mistake of wearing them again!