5 Signs of a Loyal Man


How do you know if your man is loyal? Can you trust him or will you need to have eyes on the back of your head? What are the signs of fidelity or infidelity you should watch out for? 

Credit: Mochi Mag 

It will save you a lot of trouble if you could easily discern if he will be loyal to you or not. Chances are, you are with someone who claims he is transparent but you still have this uneasy feeling of doubt. Here are 5 sure signs to clear your doubt about his loyalty.


1. He keeps to his word

Honesty is important to him. He comes home when he says he will and does what he says he will do. Whenever something happens to prevent it, instead of being defensive or lie about it, he will not hesitate to tell you and apologize, and he will try to make it up to you.


2. He is very open with you


Credit: Alizila

His actions are really calm when he is on the computer or his phone rings. There is no changing of computer screens or answering calls in another room. When he speaks to you, his gaze will not waver. He is not secretive about details of where he will be because he has nothing to hide. If he is running late, he will be the one to call and inform you; you will not be the one calling to find out.


3. You will feel peace from within you

This stems from the fact that he is who he claims to be and he is into you as much are you are into him. There won’t be need for you to snoop because you know him as you know yourself. He can be trusted and he earns that trust all the time, he also inspires it and will expect the same from you also.


4. He nurtures the relationship slowly

If a man tries to sleep with you too early in a relationship that is a red flag. While it can be flattering to be desired, it is usually a negative sign if his desire for sex is so high that he cannot practice any restraint.


5. He inspires you to be happier, stronger and better


Credit: Ally Gong

A typical quality of a disloyal man is that he makes his partner feel as dependent and helpless as he possibly can. In that way, he will always have her to his side and she will not leave him for the world even if he flirts with other women or treats her badly. A loyal man, on the other hand, will inspire you to become happier, stronger and better. He does this because he wants a relationship that will last and he wants to make the journey as easy, smooth and enjoyable as possible for both.


Often times your gut will tell you if a man is not being loyal to you. Trust your hunches and intuition but don’t go overboard and become a paranoid witch (if you do, then he’s not the one for you). Learn to listen to yourself and develop that instinct: it will protect you from lots of heartache and time. Don’t be afraid of being jilted, you deserve to be with someone who deserves your love and gives the same in return. Do not settle for less than what life has to offer you.