5 Things to do When Ghosted


The first date when swimmingly well, it was followed by some keen texting and the potential of a second date but suddenly...


You’ve been ghosted!


Credit: Bustle

Ghosting is kind of the modern-day asshole way (thank you millennials!) of splitting up with someone or to avoid going on another date. You’ve been ghosted when someone suddenly cuts all ties with you and you’re basically being ignored and you’ll eventually get the hint that they’re not interested in you anymore.

Harsh, I know. But hey, you’re a tough girl. You’ll get through this. Here are 5 steps to help you:


1. Verify this haunting

Like... you’re not being your crazy melodramatic self, right? If he hasn’t replied your emails and texts for the past 3 hours, that’s not ghosting, you’re just paranoid! So yes, bounce this off a sane and level-headed friend and see what he/she thinks. Better still, if you have a mutual friend, ask him/her to check on your ghoster, to make sure everything else is all right. There could be legit reasons why you’re suddenly being ignored. Maybe he lost his phone or landed himself in hospital.


2. Be upfront

Tell them you know what they’re doing. You could send a message like - "Hey, Just checking if I did or said something wrong? I’m not sure why I’m being ghosted. If you just want to part amicably, that’s cool. Do let me know so I don't worry? Thanks.”


3. Accept the truth

Whatever potential you saw or felt in that relationship, is GONE. Your ghoster is cruel, selfish and terrible at open communication. But whatever his mode of delivering the message, it still boils down to - he’s not into you. And hey, that’s ok!


4. Did you do something wrong???

I don’t mean to be judgy, but if you’re being ghosted a lot... more than your friends who date just as extensively as you do, then it may be time for some introspection. Use your ghosting experience constructively to improve who you are.


5. Serve them the ghost emoji

This is my favourite step, because it’s the final step. Yay closure! Fight immaturity with immaturity and just send the asshole a ghost emoji and leave it as that. Bahahahahaha